Small accessories for a style edge

18 July 2016

Small accessories for a style edge

It’s easy to be stylish when you have the right tools. A tailored suit, smart shoes and a tie collection to rival Trump’s. It’s hard to go wrong, although you can always go a little extra. There’s a wealth of small accessories men can wear to dress their look up even more, you just need a little time to go hunting and know how to use your imagination. Here are a few thought-starters. 

A tie bar is one of the menswear staples. Not only does it serve its practical function by fastening a tie in place, it’s a decorative piece without being too ostentatious. Depending on tastes, silver or gold are popular choices, whether plated or fine jewellery. Tie bars can be bejewelled or left plain, enamelled in bright colours, or engraved or cast. It's said it must be worn between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt,  securing both ends of the tie. Avoid the faux-pas of wearing it wider than your tie.

Requiring a little more planning (you'll need the right shirt), a collar pin holds the two ends of a dress shirt collar together and passes underneath the knot of a necktie.  In effect this serves to lift the tie, offering an aesthetically pleasing arc.  Even though tie pins have, in more recent times, been reserved for more formal occasions, it can also be used to gain a style edge for your business wear.  

Lapel pins are a fun touch to your regalia and make for an interesting talking point. There are all sorts available from the contemporary, to antique to the downright whacky. Men’s accessory designers have cropped up recently with the renewed interest in dressing well. Build your collection to have a range of shapes or insignia, a vintage piece from the previous two centuries or for something a little on the wild side, a copper rabbit’s foot!

You can’t go wrong with cufflinks, and a man can have twice the amount as his shirt collection without being excessive. Build your artillery with a range of colours and shapes that are complementary to your wardrobe. A combination of metal and enamel styles will help you mix and match with different coloured shirts and ties and provide an interesting contrast to your suits. And it’s easy to travel with several pairs if you spend a lot of time on the road. 

Likewise pocket squares, the old favourite of the man on the go. You can wear a suit a million ways with different tie-and-square combinations. They’re lightweight, lie flat, look elegant and press easily on the hotel ironing board. Keep a few in your office drawer if you have to pull an all-nighter and no one will suspect a thing. We have them in the showroom for you to try for yourself.