Meet the tailor - Oscar Lake

07 March 2016

Meet the tailor - Oscar Lake

With his extensive training and years of bespoke tailoring experience, Oscar has been the technical mind behind the creation of every Oscar Hunt suit. Oscar oversees each stage of construction from initial fitting, to hand finishings to the final pressing. 

After completing his training, Oscar spent five years working in a highly respected and renowned Australian bespoke tailoring house before making the move to made-to-measure. As he puts it:

“I felt like the move to made-to-measure would be a smart one as the bespoke community here in Australia is decreasing in size. (Mine) was a decision to try and work with a business that is at the head of the new frontier of suiting, where service is still the most important aspect.”

"We can produce something that is as close as bespoke and handmade but with less cost and more efficiency, but retaining the same amount of style and quality"

It is the finer points and subtle details that make the difference in a well tailored suit. It is Oscar's eye for these details and his pursuit of perfection that makes the Oscar Hunt experience so unique.

Oscar is responsible for the training of the fitters as well as the tailoring team who carry out the finishings and in-house adjustments.