Meet the team: Giulietta Falvo

19 September 2016

Meet the team: Giulietta Falvo

Giulietta joined Oscar Hunt from the respected and established menswear outfitters Henry Buck’s.  During her time there she was involved in sales and visual merchandising. 

Her passion for tailoring is based on the simplicity of looking good, the timelessness and the confidence that is drawn from a well-fitting suit. 

Giulietta heads up client relations, crunches the calendar and makes sure that each client who walks through the door has a good time.

Where did your passion for menswear come from?
It all stems back to my family. Coming from an Italian background, the words 'Quality over Quantity' were important in my household. 
Both my parents and grandparents had many tailored garments and always had an interest in men's fashion. Reading L'uomo Vogue as a young teenager really helped my interest to grow as well as being lucky enough to make some trips to Italy and Japan when I was in high school. 

You have attended the last two Pitti Uomo Festivals. What draws you to this menswear super gathering?
It is such an amazing thing to have all of the top menswear influencers in one city. Being surrounded by people who share the same passion as you and being able to bring that back to our shores is a wonderful feeling. Also to see what is advancing in terms of styles, fabrics and new products, seeing new fabrics, designs and ideas. There is such a great buzz everyday, all day. 

Who are your style icons?
- Joe Ha - The Finery Company 
- Shuhei Nishiguchi - Beams 
- Chad Park - B&Tailor
- Lachie Watson - Oscar Hunt Tailors 

Where do you see men's suiting heading?
Rather than seeing it head in a new direction, I can see a lot of classic fabrics and styles being incorporated with the modern and tailored look that has reemerged within the last 5 years or so. 

What does your next suit design look like?
A dark green winter fabric with lots of texture. Big peak lapels on a single breasted jacket with high waisted classic cut trousers. I can't wait to add this one to my growing collection.