Meet the team: Jules Lichtenstein

14 November 2016

Meet the team: Jules Lichtenstein

Tell us about how you found yourself in the world of tailoring?

I’ve always had a passion for menswear growing up, and would always get drawn to unique designs and different materials. Op-shops and vintage outlets were the only places I had success in finding these feature items. One consistent theme to every one of these garments I’d come across was the craftsmanship. Things were built to last back then, using quality materials to go along with skilled construction. Realising this connection was a page-turning moment for me. From thereon, my time revolved around figuring out how in the world I could turn a passion into a career. Tailoring a profession to fit my interests. What I loved the most about this old world I was just discovering was that it made fashion practical. It gave genuine substance to an otherwise predominantly superficial industry. Worlds combine.

As an instinctive observation, I’m always drawn to the shoulders of a jacket, specifically the connection to the sleeve head. Get the measurements correct there and you’ve got this beautifully draping sleeve that creates clean vertical lines. The general balance of the jacket is another feature that when done correctly, perfectly wraps around the client’s poor posture, giving an effortless look to physical attributes that require too much effort to correct.

At Oscar Hunt, you’ve been a fitter, a travelling tailor, and are now a host in the showroom. What have you enjoyed about each of these different roles?

I’m going to reverse this a little - My favourite element that has actually remained consistent throughout my different roles at Oscar Hunt has been the interactions with clients. There’s such a big variation in the clientele I see. The diversity in industries, personalities and styles make certain that I can never fully be certain of what to expect going into each fitting, of everyday, on every occasion. Death and taxes are the only bits of relevant information I’m able to carry across.


What do you most like about the client experience, from when they first meet you, to when they walk out with their suit?

Our experience at Oscar Hunt takes place over 6 – 8 weeks, including three fittings within that time. Having multiple interactions with someone over the course of two months naturally creates more of a genuine connection, and they tend to be the ones that last. If an existing client comes back and re-orders, our retention of updated measurements means the relationship continues to flourish, and you end up dancing this lovely line between a professional and personal relationship.


You’re also a part of a popular Melbourne band. In the music world, are people at all surprised that you own a tailoring house?

I don’t usually give the game away if I don’t need to. It’s certainly an aspect I of my life I enjoy revealing at the right moment; a fairly unique card I can play when I see fit. It’s the equivalent to an ace-high, only not in a standard suit.


Jules works in Oscar Hunt's Melbourne Showroom. Meet more of the Oscar Hunt team here .