Meet the team: Matt Perolli

24 March 2017

How did you come to be a part of the team at Oscar Hunt?
The idea for Oscar Hunt was born in India, in 2010. I was a part of that trip.  I had a background role at Oscar Hunt from the beginning, and came on full-time in May 2014.

What attracted you to made-to-measure?
The idea behind a tailored suit just makes sense. The overwhelming majority of people do not fit into off-the-rack garments very well, even after alterations. And off-the-rack garments are extremely limited in terms of choice with regards to fabrics and design options. Made-to-measure delivers on the promise of a tailored garment, at a good-value price point.

Can you tell us a bit about your previous career?
Prior to Oscar Hunt, I was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, where I helped senior management of large organisations with their most important issues.  My time at BCG gave me a very good skill set in general business, which I use every day at Oscar Hunt.

Being from the corporate world, how important is a fitted suit-day-to-day? 
It still surprises me how poorly a lot of guys dress in the corporate world. Poor fitting suits and shirts, poor colour coordination etc.  There have been so many studies conducted that show how quickly we make perceptions based on dress, and then how difficult it is to shake those initial perceptions. And yet a lot of guys don't dress accordingly.

The other important point with a fitted suit is that it will make you more comfortable during the day. For example, a lot of guys complain that they don't have enough room through the legs for when they are sitting down all day. A correctly fitted suit will perform much better than a ready-to-wear suit in this regard.

Where do you see Oscar Hunt heading in the coming years?
We have an ambition to be known as the leading suit maker in the country. This will involve having a physical presence in all of the major cities, and a much stronger awareness country-wide.  Alongside that we will keep investing in and improving our offerings.