Meet the team: Rachael Lockyer

30 November 2016

Meet the team: Rachael Lockyer

Describe your path to tailoring?

I think I started with fashion and tailoring because it was a natural talent.  I received high grades in high school for home economics and was a finalist in the APEX Teenage Fashion Awards where I took to altering patterns and constructing "complicated" garments with ease. I then studied at TAFE in Midland WA for a year where I excelled at pattern drafting and garment construction. I also showcased my coursework with fellow students at an arts festival the same year.  Whilst studying I applied for a job with E&S Roufael Tailoring as a casual seamstress doing alterations for David Jones and Myer. These later expanded to Gucci, Hugo Boss, Versace, Armani and Parker and Co.

From there I left to study costume at WAAPA for 3 years, learning the art of stage costume, historical garments, makeup, hairstyles, millinery, tailoring, sculpted costume (mascots), special effects, and costume management. I was also the dressing supervisor and costume supervisor on the largest musicals of the performance calendars, and during my final year I showcased a Maleficent-inspired gown at the Perth Fashion Festival Student Runway.

I then moved to Melbourne to study at RMIT, however I found that I had already attained the skills taught in the course.  It sounds egotistical, but in truth I just didn’t want to move backwards.  So I left, focused on NFL football and eventually found Oscar Hunt.

What is it about the art of turning cloth into clothing?

You know you really can’t describe it. I guess anyone who creates things can understand. But I do like the fact that this simple flat fabric can become a truly treasured, admired and lusted after three-dimensional object. I love the fact that a piece of fabric can really become anything, and its restrictions are really only limited to a person’s imagination. Ok not all things work out, but maybe we just haven’t figured out how to make it work just yet. I love that something as simple as heat can cause fabric to transform.

Trends in menswear?

I'm going to be honest, I don't notice trends all that much. I observe figures at the moment. But I have noticed that waists have become smaller and figures have a slight femininity to them. Just look at all the muscle models today and compare them to say Mark Wahlberg in the 90s - there is a big difference in body shape and I guess that’s reflected in the trends we see today.

What draws you to eating right and lifting weights?

Apart from the fact that eating right and lifting weights are healthy lifestyle habits, I like the fact I look good naked :). But also the confidence it gives you. I don't feel intimidated by men - at all - and that, for a lot of women, is hard. I have a healthy mind and a strong body and a powerful left hook, I will gladly walk down alleyways, through parks at night, travel alone and play in the heavy weights area at my gym. My mum always says: "I don't worry about Rachel getting attacked in Melbourne, I worry about what she’s going to do to them”.

I also work out because I'm competitive. If you’re on the equipment next to me, you can bet we are competing, I’ll outlift you! I’ve excelled in swimming and played all sports since I was five years old. It’s a part of me, and I'm ok with that. In my hometown, if you aren't involved in a team sport within the district, you wouldn’t last long. But it’s pretty easy to be involved with little else to do on a weekend.  Exercise helps you strive for excellence in all areas of life, and if you’re in a rut or angry or upset it’s incredible therapy.

Rachael works in Oscar Hunt's Melbourne Showroom. Meet more of the Oscar Hunt team here .