Mixing traditional and modern suiting

20 July 2017

"We use traditional designs with modern makes and finishing to provide the perfect culmination of experience and experimentation."

Suits for men have changed over the centuries; what is perceived as quite traditional is in fact a constant cycle of innovation. Tailoring routinely mixes tradition and modernity. Made-to-measure is an ever-evolving craft striving for technical innovation with a respect for the craft. Combining modern technology to provide more accurate and complementary fits, tailoring calls for a form-fitted style that employs methods developed by tailors like Oscar Hunt.

Tailored suits of yesteryear had a different approach to the body. Generous in fit and less like the sleek tailor-made suit we see today. Shoulders were slightly wider and trousers less tapered; suit construction today hones a suit’s proportions to the wearer’s exact form. Nowadays we employ the technical skill handed down generations to strive for even greater perfection, to dress the client in the best possible way for their shape. In the past men would dress as they could afford. Successful men who wear tailor-made today share the sentiment.

Some design features rooted in tradition linger in modern suiting. For example, a ticket pocket on a suit jacket—right side, half the width of the pocket below it—is to house a train ticket, and usually those commuting from the countryside into the capital. While we no longer use them for their intended purpose, they still provide a nice finish to the suit. They signify work by a craftsman and thus improve the overall quality. Likewise flaps on suit jackets: originally designed for use in the rain to protect the pockets’ contents, they became a de rigeur design feature for modern suits. Meant to be worn tucked-in when indoors, protocol has changed and they’re seen as essential part of the jacket. The pocket originally served practicality, but through reinvention its purpose was lost to time.

Modern cloths benefited from tradition, yet the standard and quality today is better than ever before. Modern weaving means superior cloth lasts longer, repels dirt and water, and retains its shape better than cloth from a century before. We use traditional designs with modern makes and finishing to provide the perfect culmination of experience and experimentation. Ask us how we use the world’s greatest cloths with the most sophisticated tailoring technology to make your own tailor-made suit.

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