Modern flair vs Traditional style: Suits for the modern wedding

28 November 2017

"Some of the best weddings are a fusion of both modernity and tradition."

A wedding is one day of your life; a memorable event for all concerned, and so you want to get it right. Which way to swing in terms of your dress code depends on the type of event that you wish to host. A wedding suit vs. a tuxedo? Or a three-piece suit vs. a blazer at your wedding? Nowadays we have more choice when it comes to nuptials, and the bride and groom can host an event that truly reflects their personalities.

Traditionally, gentlemen would marry in morning dress: a morning coat with tails, grey pinstriped trousers with side fasteners, a pastel-coloured waistcoat and a top hat. Today this tradition survives principally in Great Britain, where this type of dress is the standard for society weddings. For the Australian gentleman, morning dress is considered rare, aside from the members’ enclosure at Flemington on Derby Day.

Instead, we Australian men prefer a lounge suit for most of our weddings, or black tie for more formal affairs. The lounge suit is a smart business suit worn with flair and preened to perfection. This suit should fit well; perhaps even more snugly than a business suit to distinguish it from work attire. Avoid fads or trends, particularly governing colour. A groom and his groomsmen will always look timeless if they stay away from anything too trendy.

If the dress code is more formal and along the lines of black tie, you can play with the code within its constraints. Black tie is incredibly smart, and by introducing patterns and textures into the fabric of a dinner suit, you can create a remarkable garment worthy of your special day. Conversely, if hosting an ultra-contemporary Australian wedding, you might forgo the suit dress code and ask your guests to dress a little more informally. A smart blazer, pair of trousers, belt and shirt are the way forward, paying careful attention to order a cloth with a more supreme feel. While dressing down you should still feel as though you’re wearing beautiful clothes.

Mavis Jean Photography:

When deciding on your dress code, think about the venue, your guests and most of all, your personal preferences as a couple. Honour tradition, but stay true to yourselves. Some of the best weddings are a fusion of both modernity and tradition; it’s up to you to decide the balance.

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