Wearing overcoats with suits

21 June 2017

They protect your suit from the elements and with the correct accessories overcoats come alive.

A traditional men’s overcoat made to measure makes a statement. Worn with a suit it elevates your dress and adds dimension to your everyday look. This winter explore sophistication with tailored overcoats from Oscar Hunt. Only a season away from the most inclement conditions, now you can prepare to look your best while staying dry.

Winter coats use only the fabrics reserved for the year’s coldest months; high-quality cashmeres, impenetrable mohair and the finest wools. Precision weaving using refined materials makes wearing an overcoat a dream. Made in England and Italy, only centuries of experience can offer this level of savoir-faire. Paired with expert tailoring, the craft turns worthy cloths into works of art.

Men’s coats are a science: start with a staple overcoat on which to build your winter look. Single or double-breasted, it doesn’t have to be over the top. Essential navy, charcoal and camel hues exemplify masculinity. Quality tailoring is their best showcase. Plain or patterned overcoats are an essential garment for the season’s greatest assault. Texture or patterns do have limited versatility, but when worn to complement the right suit, the look is sublime. Think windowpane checks with flannel suiting, or a layer of knitwear with mohair to add both warmth and style.

Overcoats are great for having a formal look without wearing jacket. Your outfit is just as formal with a necktie and pressed tailored shirt, just a more contemporary choice. Prudent when riding public transport and competing with umbrellas for space. When wearing an overcoat with a suit, dress practically with consideration to style. An overcoat should fit perfectly over a suit. Movement should be free; you should feel svelte not constricted. They protect your suit from the elements and with the correct accessories overcoats come alive. Scarves and gloves complete an overcoat look, an angled hat takes it a stride further.

Take control this winter and know you can defeat it armed with the best armour. Choose tailor-made overcoats to keep you protected. Visit our showroom to explore the ranges of premium cloths to create your ultimate overcoat this winter at Oscar Hunt.

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