Pairing winter accessories with your suits

19 June 2017

"Men’s winter accessories are far-ranging, each an expression of your personality and a way to exemplify your taste."

When the temperatures drop, made-to-measure escapes its chrysalis and achieves its full potential. Finally freed, its moment in the bleak grey; it’s your duty to allow your winter wardrobe its transformation. Men’s winter accessories are far-ranging, each an expression of your personality and a way to exemplify your taste. Why recoil from the cold when you can shine? After cultivating a tailored wardrobe all year, gentlemen should celebrate the winter onset and its sartorial opportunities. Rugging up against the elements is practical; doing it with style equals flair.

A winter scarf is more than a length of wool or cashmere, it’s a statement against the elements. It defies suffering and keeps its owner warm and intact while adding dimension, texture and colour to an otherwise standard outfit. Scarves come in a range of sizes and can be worn over suits or overcoats, or casually at weekends. The right scarf is both a talking point and an introduction when forgotten on the back of a café chair. Plain or patterned, tie them in a variety of ways to conceal the shirt and to suit the tailored garment underneath and elevate your look with little effort.

Likewise men’s gloves—they have a romance about them: long car trips along the Riviera, precision operations, clandestine stings after dark. A leather glove is one of life’s great luxuries, and when it's lined in lambswool, cashmere, or silk it becomes divine. With a suit one can wear most gloves, but pay attention to the way it sits. Avoid bulk around the wrist—no ski gloves, mein Freund—and allow your glove to form a second skin. Driving gloves are a more casual choice for spring, but for the sake of your hands, steer clear of them in winter.

While obvious, one might overlook the most gentlemanly of winter accessories: the umbrella. An 18th-Century invention that hasn’t been bested, and a canopy to keep your precious suits intact. Whatever the colour, they offer a glimpse into the past and the perfect accompaniment to your contemporary made-to-measure suit. Navy blue, British-racing green, caramel or black; keep them on rotation to complement, but not match your shoes nor bag.

Accessories demonstrate imagination and understanding of the way menswear works. They can define a gentlemen and offer unparalleled confidence. Visit the Oscar Hunt showroom to complement your suits with the most distinguished accessories a man can own.

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