Pitti Uomo experiences: Jared Acquaro

12 January 2017

"Pitti to me means a continual global growth of menswear and style."

You seem to meet a lot of new people at Pitti. How does this happen?

At Pitti Uomo there are a lot of like-minded people, in saying that, social media is easily the best way to meet people and start a friendship before even travelling to Florence. The majority of talks take place in a circle of people so you are always meeting new friends or potential business partners.

What does Pitti mean for you?

Pitti to me means a continual global growth of menswear and style. I think it helps men not to be shy or awkward when wearing what they like and is helping to bring out more and more smaller brands that many wouldn’t know about otherwise. I have seen many artisans rebuild their 100-year-old businesses and offer it to the modern market. Although Pitti is a business trade fair, the “fashion show” influence is a major promotion tool for the smaller brands.

What did you notice at the last Pitti Uomo?

I noticed more use of technical fabrics in suiting like Solaro and Seersucker for summer. The winter fair was dominated by overcoats, gloves and umbrellas with hats always being a major part of Pitti. Whether it is the winter or summer edition hats are everywhere; fur felt fedoras, Panama hats, flat/barker boy caps (in tweed, wool, cotton and linen). Sunglasses, rings, lapel pins and watches, men at Pitti accessorise a lot more, although some a little over the top.

And what about the peacocking?

I think Pitti gets a bad wrap for the “peacocking”. Writers and photographers seem to focus a little too much on this. When I experienced my first Pitti fair I was expecting it to be a circus of “peacocking” and was quite surprised that is was actually quite a very small part. Yes, there are people “peacocking” to get noticed but you will find that anywhere you go. If you think about the main fashion week through Milan, London, New York etc. there is a lot more “peacocking”, but it is more expected and “normal” there compared to Pitti Uomo which was more a trade fair of classic menswear.

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