Essentials – five additional scarves

16 June 2018

"To weather a harsh Australian winter in style, a good quality scarf is essential.

Winter is not a time of sartorial hibernation. The imperative to rug up opens a world of opportunity to layer up and accessorise – and nowhere is this effect better accentuated than in the scarves we choose.

To weather a harsh Australian winter in style, a good quality scarf is essential. Made from fabrics such as cashmere or extra-fine merino wool, it should be warm and lightweight, robust, yet luxuriously soft on the skin.

As important as practicality is the choice of finish – solid colours, checks, stripes, symmetrical patterns or interesting textures – which essentially means one can either remain conservative or make a statement. Knotted, wound or draped flat, a scarf frames the face – such prominence guaranteeing the investment made in quality will not go unnoticed.

Here are some examples from the collection of Johnstons of Elgin, available at our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.

Double-sided windowpane stripe

What does the day ahead hold? A reversible cashmere scarf like this example hedges your bets – a chameleonic flip from sober dark check during the day to a jaunty light stripe after five freshens your appearance without a change of clothes. Or wear both sides nonchalantly – is sprezzatura still a thing?! Since this tasselled scarf has done all the stylistic heavy lifting, we suggest pairing it with a more conservative worsted wool suit as pictured here. In addition, complete the ensemble with textured neckties such as grenadine or shantung silk.

Silver Bannockbane

How do you choose between cashmere or extra-fine merino wool? Cashmere is known to be warmer, lighter and softer. Sourced from cashmere goats, it is also significantly rarer – hence, more expensive. Meanwhile, merino wool is more economical, but without compromising too much on comfort. Pictured is a fine example of the latter, combining conservative colours of silver grey, navy and white with tartan checks. Suits of lighter colours such as dove grey work particularly well here; or, create an appealing contrast with the textures of a sports jacket in wool-silk blend.

Dark Camel

Camel can add fascination to almost any outfit. In the form of a cashmere scarf such as this tasselled number, it is equally at home contrasting the double-breasted midnight two-piece (pictured here) as it is setting off a suit in lighter shades of greys. Either wound or artfully knotted, the camel scarf makes for a rather bold visual statement - or draped flat beneath a sober suit jacket or overcoat for a pop of colour in your business attire.


At Oscar Hunt, we find accessories that are conservative in terms of colour with subtle textures particularly enjoyable to wear – and that is essentially what the charcoal grey scarf in luxurious cashmere here is. These textures render various shades depending on the interplay of light. This makes it versatile – able to be styled amongst hues of blues, greys, and browns, as well as pinstripes and windowpane checks. Knotted or draped flat, charcoal grey often exudes an understated sense of elegance.

Black and grey

Winter also often encourages us to explore darker tones and denser textures. Longer in length and more substantially made than most of its cashmere contemporaries, this scarf is designed for the kind of winter mornings when an overcoat, scarf and gloves are the bare minimmum needed to step outdoors. More so than its appealing black and dark grey Prince of Wales pattern, the overt textural look and feel works to lift any overcoat with which it is styled – particularly those in natural hues or mid-greys. Wound around the neck, its cashmere properties ensure comfort throughout the day.

Introducing Johnstons of Elgin – a brand new collection of scarves available at our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.

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