Spring Racing Style Guide

03 July 2015

Spring Racing Style Guide

Whilst we are all still recoiling in frozen terror from the chilling winter that is sweeping across Melbourne, the glimmer of hope that keeps us going is the thought of spring. No series of events more demonstrate the changing of seasons than Spring Carnival, with its fashion, frivolity and the occasional horse race.

Like any well reviewed racing form guide, a well-styled made-to-measure suit takes that little bit of extra time. This presents a great opportunity to construct the perfect garments that will meet your needs for Spring Carnival. To help you on your way, we’ve prepared our top fashion tips for Spring Carnival below.*

Oscar Hunt’s guidelines for Spring Carnival

The return of the double-breasted suit


The double-breasted suit jacket has made a return as a fashion icon. Chris Edwards, our general manager says, “We are seeing more people opt for a double-breasted look, as it cuts a fantastic shape and silhouette. It highlights a unique contrast to the more often worn single breast”.

“Double-breasted suits are growing in popularity as a racing attire of choice. They were huge in the less traditional UK race meets and were prominent across American and Asian track meets throughout the year, so we are expecting to see that trend across the Melbourne Spring Carnival this year”

Leave your office look… in the office


Spring Carnival is the time to let your less conservative dressing self out of the cubicle. For too long the ladies in our lives have won the trackside fashion stakes and we think that 2015 is the time for the gallant and brave modern day gentleman to have a clear run for the win. We won’t say that you can’t wear an office suit to the track, but we will encourage you to use this opportunity for self-expression, opting for patterns, colours and looks you’d deem too bold for the office.

“With over 4000 fabrics there’s no limit to what Oscar Hunt can help you construct, and we can advise on any and all accessory options that you could ever wish for. Imagine window-pane checks or any of the latest colours for spring, think earth tones – think taupe, burnt orange, olive green and chocolate brown.” Says Melbourne suiting blogger and OH Staffer Jared Acquaro, of A Poor Mans Millions.

Accessories maketh the man


Accessories are what separate a winner, and there are few other times where a man can so boldly venture into sartorial flair than Spring Carnival.

After suit and shirt selection the tie is most important in creating the overall aesthetic of the look, so pay attention to the colour, pattern and knot of your tie and you’ll be starting with an advantage. Adding a pocket square will absolutely lift your outfit if matched tastefully with other accessories. Keep in mind to pick a clever or sartorial fold for additional style points.

But don’t stop there, lapel pins, tie bars and coloured socks can all improve your odds on race day of being a sartorial hero. Whilst we can't help you back a winner on the track, these tips will help you be a winner in the fashion stakes.



*Oscar Hunt Tailors are well positioned to advise you on all your Spring Carnival needs, having dressed the 2014 Melbourne Spring Carnival Fashions on the Field winner Peter Tran.