Starward Whisky - Introducing Australia’s best single malt whisky

06 February 2017

"STARWARD’s urban distillery is as bold and unconventional as the spirit it produces and the city it calls home"

Whisky distilleries are traditionally pictured alongside trickling streams of water in the Scottish countryside; complete with rolling hills and rising steam. Housed in a big industrial warehouse in Port Melbourne, STARWARD’s urban distillery is as bold and unconventional as the spirit it produces and the city it calls home.

In each step of the production process the team at STARWARD seek to modernise, localise and challenge what whisky can be. Australian malted barley is paired with brewing yeast to create a flavoursome, craft beer inspired mash. Double distilled in copper pot stills, this Melbourne-made spirit is then aged in 100% Australian red wine barrels. While it’s easy to import bourbon barrels from America or sherry barrels from Spain, placing Australian whisky in Australian wine barrels provides a unique sense of place and unparalleled flavour.

The difference between the distillery’s two core expressions is the oak it goes into. Solera, STARWARD’s original single malt whisky, is solely matured in Australian fortified wine barrels, which are hand selected, re-coopered, re-toasted and re-sized specifically for aging this spirit. Recent winner of Australia’s Best Single Malt Whisky, STARWARD’s Wine Cask expression draws influence from the vibrancy of Australian table wines, such as South Australian Shiraz. It is red ochre in colour and a great balance of sweet and savoury on the palate.

The distillery is open to the public Friday-Sunday. It also houses a supersize whisky bar, where you can taste one-off expressions (often only available at the cellar door) amongst the sounds, smells and snapshots of a working whisky distillery 10 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD.

STARWARD Distillery

50 Bertie St,
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

(03) 9005 4420

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