Style trends in Spring 2018

30 October 2018

Style trends in Spring 2018

Spring is here and while it's time to park aside our overcoats and winter weight fabrics, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still take the opportunity to dress up – on the contrary, it’s extremely easy to wear tailoring in warmer weather. We’ve identified three trends worth considering for the transitional weather ahead.


Not all fabrics are created equal – spring fabrics, especially, are woven with comfort in mind. This means different things for different fabrics: linen is lightweight and wicks moisture whereas cotton twill is meant to be broken in easily and softer with each wear as an echo to fall/winter’s corduroy. There are also tropical weight wools with open weaves that are extremely breathable and allow for easy circulation.  

Camel Linen suiting is still widely popular.

Blended fabrics are worth considering especially when woven to make the best of their individual qualities, usually involving some mixture of linen, silk, cotton, and wool. If unsure about the creases of linen, try a wool-linen blend instead where the properties of wool will bring robustness to the cloth but retains the complex textures of linen.

Cotton suiting

These warm-weather fabrics, whether pure or mixed, accomplish two things: provide for a more casual and intriguing texture than most worsted suiting and act to keep you comfortable and cool with rising temperatures ahead.    

Lighter-coloured suits    

Spring is also a golden opportunity to explore various colors and patterns. While it is often observed that dressing in the fall consists of more sombre solid colours to echo the shade and cool weather, dare to embrace brighter colour palettes and bolder patterns on brighter days.

Brighter blues are great in Spring.

There will always be a place in our hearts for a four-season midnight navy or charcoal grey suits, but what we find particularly enjoyable while building a wardrobe of classic business suiting are the spring-relevant royal blue or dove grey suitings. That, or earthier tones including tan, tobacco and even olive green which can serve as a solid canvas to have some fun with patterned shirts and spring-appropriate neckties.  

Dove Grey is a great variation on classic greys

For more seasoned enthusiasts, we recommend exploring sports jackets with bolder colours and patterns. Deep brown prince of wales plaid and green-blue windowpane checks can create a dapper but tasteful look if done right. Spring is also about injecting a bit of fun into your wardrobe – have your garments reflect your personality.

Sports jackets and separate trousers

Another trend for the cooler spring months is to pair the versatility of sports jackets alongside separate trousers. It keeps your appearance sharp and without the formality of a suit. Perhaps the most common item of clothing in this instance is the casual linen, cotton chino or lightweight denim trousers – the casualness of these trouser fabrics are appropriate for spring and anchors an ensemble of various sports jackets.

Sports jackets that work with multiple trousers.

Embrace the season not just with choice of fabrics alone but with how your garments are tailored – soft tailoring works particularly well in this occasion. What’s most important to us is comfort and this means jackets without shoulder pads, less canvassing, and unlined. The said nature of tailoring alongside soft, breathable fabrics makes dressing up in Spring easy and enjoyable altogether.

Other customisations that promotes the casualness of a garment include patch pockets – a feature carried over from traditional tailoring when formal suiting would have flaps or jetted pockets for a more streamlined appearance whereas sports jackets constructed with casual fabrics such as tweeds and linens would carry chunkier patch pockets instead.

Burgundy jacket with patch pocket

At Oscar Hunt, we feel dressing up in the mornings shouldn’t be daunting or monotonous at all; and with each made-to-measure tailored garment commissioned with us, our team of fitters in the Melbourne and Sydney showrooms can help provide stylistic cues to ensure it is worn and paired well with other clothings in your collection. After all, we’re all about building a unique wardrobe for our clients.

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