Styling tips that save time and stress

31 July 2015

Styling tips that save time and stress

Life as a gentleman can be tricky. Being a guy in the 21st century, you’ve got to cope with the demands of work and life, all while trying to appear outwardly cool, calm and collected. Many men will also have those little nagging feelings in the back of their minds, that they need to develop a toned six-pack and still somehow keep up with the office Game of Thrones obsession. It can all be a little bit much.

Being immaculately groomed and polished is just another thing to pack on to a busy lifestyle. At Oscar Hunt, we’ve got a few styling tips up our sleeve to help you keep pace with modern life, because when you’re up against the clock and you’ve got to look nothing short of spectacular, you need all the help you can get.


Use bananas as emergency shoe polish

When there isn’t any polish in the house and time’s against you, leather shoes can be buffed up using bananas. It’s all down to the potassium within the peel, which is one of the ingredients used in shoe polish. Simply use the inside of the skin to rub against the surface of your shoes before giving them a quick polish with a soft cloth.

Shave in the shower

Picture the scene. It’s a weekday, you’ve overslept. With precious few minutes to get yourself ready and get out the door, what do you do- have a shave or a shower? Do both. Shaving in the shower will not only save the vital time you frankly haven’t got, but the hot steam will open up your pores and help soften your skin. So, rather than hurriedly dragging a razor across your cold, stressed out face, you’ll get to enjoy a much smoother shave. Once you get out of the shower make sure you have not missed any spots.

Use packing tape as lint remover

Having lint clinging to your jacket can really ruin that suave, man about town look you were going for. Luckily, the ‘packing tape’ method will save the day. First, put your clothing down on a flat surface, then wrap the tape around your hand and make sure the sticky side is facing out. Finally, press the tape against the areas that need cleaning and peel away. The lint will stick to the tape and you’ll be back to looking lint free and dapper in minutes.

Emergency red wine stain removal

There’s an instant sense of panic that comes in the seconds after spilling red wine on a nice clean shirt or jacket. Notoriously difficult to remove, the trick is to be quick off the mark and act while the fabric is still wet. First, dab gently at the stain (don’t rub) with a dry cloth, then pour over some cool water. Next, shake plenty of salt over the area to soak up the liquid. Finally, pour boiling water over the stain and let it sit until the stain shows signs of lifting. Then sit back and (very carefully) pour yourself another glass of wine to relax.

Use lotion instead of pomade for your hair.

If you’re all out of pomade and your hair desperately needs styling, reach for a bottle of skin lotion. It can help smooth out tangles and bring excessive frizziness under control. Take a small amount, run it gently through your hair and you’re all good to go. The bonus here is that lotion is lighter than pomade, so your hair won’t look as greasy, it also contains ingredients that will add moisture to your wayward locks.

Removing wrinkles with ice cubes and the clothes dryer

As a general rule, wrinkled clothes don’t make a great impression. If your ironing skills aren’t up to scratch, or you frankly haven’t got the time to spare, returning your garments to their wrinkle-free state is easy. Simply add your clothes to the dryer with a few cubes of ice (2 or 3 will be enough) and stick the dryer on its highest setting. As the cubes begin to melt, the steam they produce will rid your clothes of creases in around 5 minutes.
Hopefully these little tricks will help you one day, probably when you least expect it.