Stylish ways to take risks with your suiting

16 September 2017

"He who dares to deviate from the norm is often a leader."

Unless you’re a spy, wearing a suit mightn’t seem like a dangerous act. Risk-taking, however, doesn’t mean jumping from a building nor sliding across the bonnet of a moving vehicle, but you can still be daring. Wearing stylish accessories can give an unexpected pop to an outfit; investing in unconventional cloths can be an act of bravery. There’s a lot found in a tailor’s atelier, and amongst the bolts lie the bold cloths and daring patterns reserved for the most sartorially adventurous. He who dares to deviate from the norm is often a leader, and in tailoring he becomes the envy of his peers.

A bold pinstripe suit is one way to grab the attention of others; they’ve come a long way since the Wall Street rayures of yesterday. Think big personality rather than big business for a more contemporary reflection of a modern pin. White on blue or navy, or tan, red and green on contrast backgrounds give an unusual twist. By keeping the foundation colour simple you can make a statement with a contrasting stripe that shatters the mould of a tailoring staple.

It takes confidence to wear a bold pattern well. Large checks have a similar effect to pinstripes; exploded windowpanes turn a made-to-measure suit into a masterpiece. They draw the eye across the body and muster the right kind of attention when fashioned in the correct colour palette. The trick is to remain tasteful and to avoid outlandish colours. You can make a far grander statement with a demure check than one that screams for recognition.

Make a subtle (yet still stylish) statement by varying your finishings when commissioning your new suit. An exceptional cloth should be tailored into something that challenges the status quo. Adding a waistcoat is a nod to tradition, yet is a garment favoured only by those who truly appreciate the art. Think wider lapels for classic suit fabrics—they enhance the frame and demonstrate the tailor’s skill. Mid-waisted trousers have a similar effect; the higher they are the more they give the impression of a smaller waist. If you’re seeking something more subtle, add some side adjustors to your trousers, wear some braces and forgo a belt.

When it comes to accessories, think about everything from top to toe: hats, pocket squares and shoes. Steer clear of fedoras for the most part, and pick a flattering panama hat or trilby that exudes style. Pocket squares never go out of style, and depending on your suit, more can be more. A boldly patterned suit with an electric pocket square can inspire those around you into a better mood. Why blend in when you can stand out?

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