Tailoring to those who shape the world - the great tailor/client relationships

09 March 2016

Tailoring to those who shape the world - the great tailor/client relationships

The relationship between a man and his tailor is akin to that of his barber or his shrink. It’s an unashamed intimacy where issues are shared but never revealed, and insecurities and imperfections are skilfully concealed. This special bond is difficult to emulate, and there’s only a certain few who’ve established such a sense of trust with their clientele. We’ll cover three of these eminent men and how they became the trusted companions of so many men of influence.

Nick Hart
If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood red-carpet event and thought, “Darn that guy looks good!” then it’s likely they were wearing Spencer Hart. Behind the brand is Nick Hart, the rockstar of tailors and friend and outfitter to more A-listers than you can imagine. He has dressed royalty to Oscar winners, and has done so in such an unassuming way that he’s almost the quiet achiever—slipping under the radar amidst the sea of the Haute Couture gowns that dominate Awards Season. Though, he’s not to be discounted. Hart named his label after his young son and threw himself into the Saville Row strip with a twist. His most famous clients include Jay-Z, Kanye and Pharrell, fashion hard-hitters Tommy Hilfiger and Matthew Williamson, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, and generally likeable bloke and singer Robbie Williams—who greeted him in LA with, 'Fuck me, man, I love your clothes.’ Even the late David Bowie, who was a longtime inspiration for Hart, became a client—a testament to his skill and likability. At the end of the day, Hart wants his clients to look good, even citing David Beckham as potential pro-bono client to get him out of wide collars and Windsor knots.

Martin Greenfield

Few men can proclaim they’ve had such a worldwide sartorial influence, and Martin Greenfield isn’t one of them. An unassuming Czech immigrant and Holocaust survivor, Greenfield is known as the United States’ premier master tailor, having dressed presidents Eisenhower, Ford, Clinton and Obama, as well as General Colin Powell, actor (and face of salad dressing) Paul Newman, as well as key business and political figures, Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly. His distinctive style has set the bar for tasteful American power dressing, having spanned decades and multiple changes of the guard. One can only imagine the national secrets to which Greenfield is privy after clandestine White House fittings.

Cesare Attololini

It would be remiss to discuss sartorial secrets and omit the Italians, but Cesare Attolini has one of the most enviable histories of client-tailor relationships. Founded in Naples the 1930s by Vincenzo Attolini, the brand has remained in family hands and is now run by his grandsons Giuseppe and Massimiliano Attolini. Over the decades Attolini dressed world-famous actors such as Clark Gable, Sean Connery, Al Pacino and Harrison Ford. All stye influencers in their own way, they wore the Neapolitan silhouette—slim lines, high armholes and soft-shouldered jackets—before it was the standard for so many European brands today.


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