The 4 essential suits every man should own

14 August 2015

The 4 essential suits every man should own

There are certain essential suits in life every gent should aim to have hanging in his closet. Not for the sake of variety. The plain fact is there are just certain types of suit-wearing occasions in life when only a particular style is needed to make the right statement.

From high-powered business lunches to evening cocktails in elegant rooftop bars (and everything else in between) make sure you look the part for any event life can throw at you by having each of the following hanging in your closet.

The Black Suit 

While it might be too a little austere and sober for many occasions, a black suit is still essential for life’s most formal events. It’ll give you the required look of respect and sombreness when dressing for a funeral.

But it can work equally well when a smart and traditional appearance is needed such as for a wedding, a black-tie social function or a grand ceremonial event. Men have relied upon the classic black suit for centuries, and while the styling might have changed, the sense of dignified formality it brings is unquestionably timeless.


The Formal Office Suit

For anyone working in the corporate world, you need a suit that’s going to set the right impression in the office. This is the suit that needs to look sharp and slick but also feel comfortable.

So, what are the options?

Well, navy blue and charcoal grey will both serve you well. Not only do they give off a professional persona, they’re also incredibly versatile and can be easily paired with a range of contrasting colours.

Not only does this make it a breeze to switch into a more formal or casual mode when needed, you can also change up the style of your everyday office suit to keep it looking fresh.

The Tuxedo

Suited for the refinements of elegant cocktail parties, lavish gala balls, and perching around roulette tables pretending to be James Bond in Casino Royale.

The tuxedo represents the height of sophistication and you’ll never feel as smart as you do in that classic bowtie / peak lapels combo. Sure, it isn’t the kind of suit you’ll probably wear too often. But the truth is there are certain events when only a tux will do.

While it can be tempting to rent one out, the cumulative cost can quickly stack up through the years. So, if you see yourself wearing it more than once, it makes sense to invest in a tuxedo that you can rely upon time and again.


The Classic All-rounder. 

While having a specific suit for a specific occasion clearly matters, there are times in life when you need a solid all-rounder. This is your get-out-of-jail-free card. Easy to adapt in infinite ways, it’s the sartorial go-to option when you need to transform your whole look with just a few minor adjustments.

And as far as classic all-rounders go, a mid-tone grey suit really is top of the pile.

Wear it with a crisp white shirt and smart tie and you’re ready for the office. Ditch the tie and switch into a smart black t-shirt and you’re good to go for after-work drinks in a trendy city bar.

And the charcoal grey option is just perfect for those social occasions that cryptically state the dress code as “smart casual” – because it sits effortlessly between both styles.

In short, every guy needs a suit like this in his closest.