The finest fabrics in the world: Dugdale Equinox

07 November 2018

"Equinox cotton fabrics are the tailors’ choice for suits - or sports jackets."

At a certain stage while building a classic wardrobe of business essentials, when an ideal fit is achieved with the made-to-measure tailor of your choice, the cloth commissioned matters. That’s when we’d recommend our clients to consider Dugdale Bros and Co for their selection of luxurious fabrics that is inimitable in the cloth industry.

With spring/summer around the corner, the Dugdale Equinox collection is a range of middleweight cotton that serve as the go-to in the commissioning of suiting, sports jackets and separate trousers that are reliable and robust, but also sharp and breathable at the same time.

Dugdale Bros and Co have been manufacturing cloth within the context of tailoring for more than 120 years in England’s Huddersfield, a region famed for its superior fabrics. As the last and longest-serving cloth mill in Huddersfield, Dugdale Bros is celebrated the world over as the home for winter-weight worsteds, yet its extensive Equinox collection of cottons is equally spectacular – albeit for vastly different seasons.

Essentially, the Equinox collection primarily consists of tightly woven cloths renowned for their durability and slight water resistance, making them favourable for their versatility amongst menswear enthusiasts in the warmer spring/summer months – more specifically, in creative offices or weekend casual wear. Primarily, though, Equinox cotton fabrics are the tailors’ choice for suits - or sports jackets – at 310 grams (10oz) and 330 grams (11.5oz),  these fabrics are more casual than its wool counterparts, yet with an equally superior drape and sharper appearance than most lightweight cottons in the market.

The Equinox collection presents classic solid colours for suiting including midnight navy, anthracite grey and chocolate brown as well as more versatile alternatives such as off-white, beige or olive green, ideal for separate chino trousers.

With the historically significant name of Dugdale Bros and Co, quality is assured along with the knowledge that you are purchasing your own small piece of English fashion heritage – but more significantly, these are garments that are also easy and enjoyable to wear for almost any occasion.

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