The finest fabrics in the world: Dugdale Super 110’s Collection

03 July 2018

"The brand’s Super 110’s cloths, is a mix of timeless shades of navy and grey alongside patterns with more contemporary stripes and checks.

A made-to-measure suit demands skilled craftsmanship –  and akin to a painter who requires suitable canvases on which to render his visions, so must a tailor whose masterpiece begins with great fabrics.

At Oscar Hunt, a significant part of our fabric curation is sourced from one of Britain’s established and most respected textile mills. For more than 120 years, Dugdale Bros & Co. has been a key supplier of fine fabrics across the British Empire, mixing decades of experience and traditions with contemporary technological innovations.

This is very much likened to our brand beliefs as we resonate deeply with the philosophy of Dugdale Bros & Co’s – combining the old-world charm of tailoring and advanced manufacturing processes at the same time. The result is a garment of precision and artisanal craftsmanship, made specifically for you.

Based in Huddersfield, the northern English city that was once a thriving hub of the global textile industry, Dugdale Brothers continues to supply a comprehensive selection of classic fabrics with understated elegance. The brand’s  Super 110’s cloths, is a mix of timeless shades of navy and grey alongside patterns with more contemporary stripes and checks. These 9oz (or 280 gram) fabrics have a slightly “crushed” finish, adding to their winter-appropriate handle and longevity. Fully milled, they add extra warmth for the cooler months ahead.

A Super 110’s fabric from Dugdale Brothers offers the ideal combination of soft, smooth wool that is proven to be more robust and wrinkle-resistant than cloths carrying higher Super numbers, yet remaining both lightweight and breathable. What this means is a made-to-measure suit that looks and feels as good several years from now as it does on its first wear.

Furthermore, these fabrics from Dugdale Brothers are available in a wide range of options – choose business-appropriate midnight navy or various shades of grey depending on your professional environment; and consider sports jacketing alternatives such as glen plaid or houndstooth that can potentially transition well from casual Fridays and into the weekends.

With fabrics from Dugdale Bros & Co., you not only invest in fabrics that are  produced to meet the highest standards within the industry, the brand also pledges to uphold strict guidelines in ensuring all its wool to be ethically farmed – it collaborates with benchmark companies complying with the British Standard for environmental impact and working conditions as well as offer transparent disclosure of all chemicals used in the wool-to-cloth process.

It remains independently owned after generations and supplies these luxurious fabrics to London’s renowned Savile Row, as well as tailors and couturiers around the world – including us.   

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