The importance of a good blazer

18 January 2016

The importance of a good blazer

A great blazer can hide almost every sin, and while we expect you're all saints, it can conceal any indulgence over the festive period. Men of distinction have favoured the humble blazer for over a century and there's a reason why. Simple lines, clean tailoring and designed to fit you in all the right places is perhaps why it has stood the test of time.

A blazer adds versatility to your wardrobe when worn in varying ways. Great for smart-casual events, such as weekend barbecues, christenings and other family gatherings; or just a way to dress up Casual Friday while everyone else dresses down. Add choice to your wardrobe with a blazer by switching what you wear with it. A tailored shirt worn with a pair of chinos gives you a smart casual look that's appropriate for all occasions. By substituting the chinos for jeans it gives a more relaxed impression, but still shows you’ve made an effort. Even the humble T-shirt looks the goods when paired with a blazer—just avoid tees emblazoned with prints to stay sophisticated.

You can customise your blazer through fabric choice and colour. A plain blazer in navy or black is a classic and will go with almost anything, making for a great failsafe when you’re stuck for ideas for a certain occasion. Blazers in lighter colours such as pearl or dove grey, baby blue or white are perfect for the summer months, and seersucker fabric has a collegiate vibe that’s fresh, smart and preppy. Patterned fabrics such as houndstooth, herringbone and tweed have a classic British aesthetic—either wear traditionally with trousers or with jeans for a modern twist.

Consider the look of your blazer and embellish it with accessories. A traditional tweed blazer worn with a bright pocket square can lift the tone and communicate a different message if worn without. Cufflinks on a coloured shirt show some imagination when paired with a rockstar blazer, and a complementary tie is a stylish addition.

No matter how you wear your blazer you should know that it is a simple way to add flair and to improve your look. With several in your artillery you give yourself more choice for day-to-day wear, which makes dressing a more enjoyable task. Make an appointment with us to show you the many ways the versatile blazer can work with your wardrobe and can set you apart from the rest.