The importance of grooming and our top 3 styling tips

03 August 2015

The importance of grooming and our top 3 styling tips

The modern day gent is expected to be more attentive toward his appearance, focusing on a sense of individuality and a bit of personal flair.

While we would never tell you what to do, we will say that like a good fitting suit, maintaining a daily grooming regime shows personal pride in how one appears to others So, what are the top tips for looking your best?

Our friend Aaron from Kings Domain Barber Shop has come up with 3 essential styling tips that he believes every man should aspire to maintain.

Get to Know Your Hair

Want to keep your hair looking great long after you leave the barber shop? It all comes down to knowing which grooming products are best suited to you.

If you’re blessed with a dense and luscious mane (lucky you) go for a wax or pomade product to help sculpt it into shape. But if your hair is thinning out, applying a clay or matte styling paste is a clever way to make it appear thicker.

Just remember to go easy on the amount of product you use. Get too liberal with the hair product and you’re going to look like you’ve dipped your head in a tub of molasses.

Aaron recommends not shampooing too often – every two or three days is more than sufficient. You might feel that not shampooing daily is a crime against cleanliness, but excessive lathering can actually wash away the natural oils that your hair produces to stay shiny.

[unnamed] After you’ve finished rinsing, take your time to dry your hair. It actually becomes more fragile when wet and can be damaged by an overly vigorous towelling. Instead, try to exercise patience and gently pat it dry.

Daily Skin Care

If you want to hang onto your boyish good looks, or at least apply the brakes to the inevitable ageing process, a daily skincare regime is essential. Luckily, it doesn’t require stocking your bathroom cabinet with every age-defying lotion in the supermarket either.

Aaron recommends washing your face every day. But avoid using soap as it can dry out your complexion. When it dries out, your skin is going to feel sandpaper-rough to the touch. So instead, pick a quality cleanser to gently wash away dirt and oil.

Finally, aim to moisturise daily.  It will ensure your skin stays soft while replacing lost moisture. For added protection, pick a product with sunscreen. It will help block out the sun’s damaging UV rays, which can age you faster than nature intended. Just remember to apply it all year round as UV light can be just as harmful on cloudy days.

Shaving With Care

Shaving is one of those jobs that often gets handled seconds before racing out the door, but try giving this essential grooming task the time it deserves.

Before you go dragging a razor across your morning stubble, wash your face with a quality facial cleanser and apply warm water a few minutes before you begin. This will help open up the pores.

Aaron suggests that once you apply your shaving foam or gel, leave it to settle for a few minutes. It’ll soften the hair and reduce overall irritation.

It’s also worth investing in a decent shaving brush – ideally a badger hair brush (and yes, it’s bristles are sourced from actual badgers). Not only will it make shaving a more sophisticated affair, but the bristles will turn the cream into a wonderfully thick lather, forcing up your hairs and making them easier to remove in one clean stroke.

As for the razor itself, you may invest in a quality multi-blade if you want, however a disposable razor will still do a good job. The important thing is to make sure you replace your blades at the first hint of them going blunt. (A general rule of thumb is to change them after every 4-5 shaves.)

Once you’re done, rinse your face in cool water and apply a soothing aftershave lotion to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and refreshed!