The made-to-measure process

01 August 2016

"At Oscar Hunt you’ll get a true representation of the made-to-measure process."

If you’re yet to experience the ceremony of made-to-measure, then you’re missing out. But behind the mystique there’s a little bit of magic and a whole lot of tradition that informs contemporary suit customisation. But it’s something to be enjoyed rather than feared, and our friendly tailors and fitters will guide you through the process. But first stop: the bar …

Made-to-measure means the creation of a suit according to your specific requirements. In the Oscar Hunt artillery you’ll find a range of styles and suit shapes for every taste. Discover these on your first fitting where your tailor will advise on the best fit for your requirements and a style that will suit your garments’ purpose. They’ll take you through our vast selection of specialty fabrics and discuss with you your options for customisation. Here you’ll have your measurements taken, which will dictate the way the suit is cut and constructed. This is an important first step to establish your relationship with your tailor and get everything right.

Once you depart the fitting room, our work begins. We take your measurements and customise the suit block to suit your frame and requirements. These are then turned into a pattern and then the fabric is cut with laser precision using Gerber technology for a superlative fit. As the suit begins to take shape a floating canvas is sewn into the lapel and armhole to allow for form and movement throughout the jacket. It’s then pressed and ready to go for your second fitting.

In the showroom you’ll try on your brand-new made-to-measure suit. Here it will be pinned by your tailor to make any adjustments. This will allow for any weight variation since your first fitting, and account for the small details that can only be adjusted in person. Any changes to your measurements will be added to your file making future orders even easier. Then follows your final fitting a week or two after, where you stand in front of the mirror looking amazing and take home your brand new suit.

Where others might refer to these three stages as “bespoke” we acknowledge tailors who offer a true bespoke service, meaning creating your suit entirely from scratch, on site, and by one person. At Oscar Hunt you’ll get a true representation of the made-to-measure process. In turn we can offer you speedier service and a lower price, but still the supreme quality you’d expect of a suit made just for you.