Ties: Fabrics, colours and patterns for every occasion

07 March 2017

"From colour to fabrication to pattern, ties can be the finishing touch that pulls everything together."

If your suit is the main attraction, your accessories are the supporting players that help sharpen the focus on your overall look. Your tie often plays a big role in the continuity of your ensemble. From colour to fabrication to pattern, ties can be the finishing touch that pulls everything together. To choose the right one, it’s important to understand the options that are available.
One of the biggest factors you’ll have to decide on is fabric. Based on the occasion, and even the weather, there’s a time and place for each one. 
Silk is the most common tie fabric you’ll find on the market. It’s a timeless cloth that’s durable and mostly wrinkle-resistant. It has a soft sheen and drapes nicely down your torso. Silk is appropriate year-round and for all occasions.

Cotton and linen ties are great choices for warmer months because they’re very breathable. Because of their slightly rougher fabrication, they have a more casual appearance. So, they work great for semi-formal events and outdoor get-togethers. However, they don’t work as well for the office.
Wool ties are great for suiting during the colder months. They add great depth and texture to a standard suit, and they work well with most looks. It’s best to avoid wearing a wool tie with a suit that has a noticeable sheen. The contrast will be too severe. However, concerning occasions, wool ties are versatile and work for everything except black-tie events.
Finally, knit ties can be worn year-round, though, they can be limiting. While aesthetically unique due to the knitted appearance, their look appears casual. They don’t work as well for the boardroom, but add great character to casual looks that include chinos, sport jackets and casual woven shirts.
When it comes to tie colour, what works best depends on where you’re headed. For work, try to avoid pop colours like orange, pink or yellow. Instead, you should lean on subtle hues like navy, black and grey. Use your other accessories like pocket squares or cuff links to take big risks.

The same goes for patterns. Subtler options like polka dots, thin stripes and even some plaids or gingham work great in a professional setting. They add in a touch of personality without overpowering your look. However, avoid kitschy, novelty ties with animal prints, cartoons or similarly cheesy designs.
In choosing the right tie, think about your desired aesthetic and where you’ll spend most of your time. These factors will greatly influence your choice and guide you to the perfect option.

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