Choosing wedding suits for two grooms

03 August 2017

"The good news is there are no rules for same sex wedding suits, so you can let your personalities shine."

After the initial excitement of your engagement has calmed down, one of the first questions is always “What are we going to wear for our special day?” The good news is there are no rules for same sex wedding suits, so you can let your personalities shine. You’re both gentlemen, but you don’t have to dress the same unless you want to.

The first things you should consider when planning your wedding suits are these three questions that will set the theme:

Is your wedding going to be formal and traditional, semi-formal, or relaxed and casual?

Where is the location of your wedding, and which season will it be?

Do you want your suits to be matching, co-ordinating or completely different?

Within each theme, there are countless details that you can customise to your personal style.

Formal wedding dinner suits for two grooms

The tuxedo, or dinner suit, is the classic look for a traditional or formal wedding. You can’t go wrong with a classic black wedding dinner suit with either satin peak lapels or a shawl collar. Midnight navy dinner suits are another alternative that especially suit grooms with fair skin tones.

For grooms who want to match, two identical dinner suits is the way to go. Once you have agreed on a colour, fabric and jacket style, you’re all done. For a subtle variation, add a waistcoat to one groom’s outfit, or vary the accessories. Our grooms above chose identical dinner suits with different shirt buttons.

For grooms who want to co-ordinate, there are a lot of options for variation. You can dress one groom in a black dinner suit and one groom in a white dinner jacket (either white or black lapels) with black trousers, or an all white dinner suit for one groom.

For grooms who want to be different, you can incorporate other textures like velvet and jacquard for a unique style while still keeping the dinner suit theme.

Semi-formal wedding lounge suits for two grooms

A lounge suit style is versatile and it’s a look that you can wear again. With lounge suits, there are an infinite number of options for matching, co-ordinating and contrasting.

For matching suits try both grooms in mid-grey, charcoal or navy in the same style. For co-ordinating suits try a combination of dark and light grey, or two shades of blue.

You can also vary the style rather than the colour with two grooms in the same fabric; one single-breasted suit, and one double-breasted suit.

If you want to be non-matching, you can each choose a suit that you like and have accessories that complement your husband’s suit.

Casual wedding suits for two grooms

A casual wedding is when you can get creative and show your personalities. You can play with colour, texture and patterns. You can mix up jackets and trousers.

If your wedding is going to be casual or coastal you can opt for matching linen suits, coordinating seersucker fabrics, or mismatched trousers and blazers. In cool weather, you can incorporate tactile and warm fabrics like tweed and velvet.

Made-to-measure suits for your wedding

The beauty of made-to-measure is that you can customise every aspect of your wedding suit for your personal style and a perfect fit. The options are open to anything you can imagine your ideal wedding suit will be.

In a personal consultation, Oscar Hunt’s tailors will ask you about the theme of your wedding and the look you have in mind. If you have been collecting inspiration images from Pinterest or wedding blogs, bring them along so we can see which looks you like best. Then they will guide you through fabric selection for the location, season and possible weather of your wedding. Once the suit style and fabric are chosen, your tailor will take over 30 measurements to ensure your wedding suit is a perfect fit.

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