What if iconic men’s suits were classic cars?

03 August 2015

What if iconic men’s suits were classic cars?

Ever wonder what your suit would be if it were a classic car? Us neither, but after finding a Skyfall DVD in the office last week and seeing the reintroduction of the classic Aston Martin in glorious HD during lunch, we got to thinking. So we tackled the burning issue at hand and imagined some of our favourite suits as classic cars. And this is what we came up with.

The Grey Three Piece Suit – Aston Martin DB5

The car that started the ball rolling, the DB5, that sleek silver marvel of British automotive engineering. The one we all watched Sean Connery get behind the wheel of in those endless Christmas reruns of Goldfinger. If you’re a Bond fan with a sharp mind, you’ll recall that 007 himself wore a grey glen check suit in this particular film and if we’re completely honest this had a huge bearing on us choosing the DB5. The classic style of the grey three piece suit harks back to a time when ruthless men disguised themselves as gentlemen. And what better car to epitomize this than the DB5 with its refined classical beauty concealing the beast within.

The 80s Pastel Suit – Lamborghini Countach

Oversized shoulder pads, rolled up sleeves, and questionable colour pairings were par for the course in the decade that classic and timeless tailoring seemed to forget. While pastel suits aren’t as fashion redundant as they once were, we still like to look back at the original Miami Vice and wonder just what were they thinking. So when we were looking for a car that exuded self-confidence and flair, the Countach was the only choice. It also helps that the entirely unnecessary scissor doors somehow remind us of the purposeless shoulder pads of men’s suits of the 80s.

The Black Business Suit – London Black Cab

The quintessential British businessman’s uniform for many a decade has been the black three-piece business suit topped off with a bowler hat and, of course, his never forgotten umbrella for that lovely British weather. We were sorely tempted to choose the classic Jaguar E-type (because we love it) but you just can’t put the two together. Now the London Black Cab, on the other hand, is the perfect automotive representation of the black business suit. The all-around functionality of the taxi is exactly what the business suit is all about. Both have survived where others have perished, and we’re sure that in 50 years’ time you’ll still be seeing London businessmen in their black suits hailing the iconic cab.

The Tuxedo – The Stretch Limo

Come on did you really think there would be another choice for the most formal of men’s suits? We know the stretch limo isn’t exactly what you’d call a classic car, but we are trying here. Take a look at it though, it’s perfectly designed with elegance and a touch of lavishness in mind just like the good old tuxedo. It even goes to formal events too. Are we clutching at straws?

The Cream Suit – 1936 Mercedes Benz 500K

Okay, so I’m guessing that while the model number might mean nothing to all but the most diehard of car enthusiasts out there, just take a look at the photo. If you haven’t seen this car before, it's the one that came out of Hollywood during the golden age of the silver screen. It is pure opulence at its decadent best, and we love it. It’s another one of those self-confidence instilling cars like the Countach but with a lot more style and grace in its tank. So what does this have to do with the cream suit? Well, the cream suit draws the attention of practically everyone in the room and don’t you think this car would get a few stares too?

We’re sure we could come up with more, but with work to do and suits to be tailored, we’ll leave it at that.