What to wear this new year’s eve

22 November 2018

What to wear this new year’s eve

At Oscar Hunt, we know that scent plays an important role in setting the mood for an evening. With the year-end festivities and events - smart-casual or formal – right around the corner, we’ve partnered up with LUMIRA to recommend two of their signature fragrances that can complement our suitings for the occasion.

An ode to LUMIRA

Infused with the highest quality fine fragrance oils reminiscent of places both near and far, LUMIRA’s luxury lifestyle essentials are a celebration of beautiful scent, sophisticated design and the spirit of travel.

Founded by Almira Armstrong in 2013, LUMIRA is the manifestation of a life-long affair with beautiful objectives and the differences small details make to our everyday lives. The power of fragrance to trigger the senses, a memory and even a person’s emotional state are the inspirations that led to the creation of the LUMIRA brand.

LUMIRA fragrances are undeniably luxurious, defined not only by the quality of their ingredients, the meticulous attention to detail applied in production but, most importantly, the ambience they create.

Dressing for smart-casual events

We recommend wearing LUMIRA’s Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil;. A luscious herbal blend with a deep earthy base, topped with notes of sweet blackcurrants and musk, the Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil by LUMIRA is an easy to use, roll on perfume oil ideal for everyday wear.

Almira describes the scent best:

“The rustic, sun-scorched hills of Tuscany intertwine with gnarled vines and olive groves, framed by solitary rows of fig trees, each embellished with succulent purple and green fruits.”

Akin to LUMIRA’s approach with smart-casual occasions, the ease of a wool-silk blend or hopsack sports jackets are perfect for these events. The textures of the soft wool blend and the lightweight hopsack remind us of LUMIRA’s complex and layered scents.

Paired alongside casual denim, we also recommend stepping into the new year with our curated selection of footwear from Cordwainer - yes, pun intended.


Shop casual looks

Sports Jacketblue with red check blazer
Brown Double Monk Shoes
Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil

Dressing for formal events

We recommend wearing LUMIRA’s Arabian Oud Perfume Oil - an easy to use, roll on perfume oil, ideal for special use, like this upcoming New Years Eve party.

Long coveted across the Middle East for the scarcity of its aromatic ingredients, this exquisite, rare perfume oil combines deep rose, oud accord and sandalwood to create a soulful, lingering fragrance that is both unique and distinguished.

Black tie suiting is the pinnacle of menswear and reserved for the most formal occasions, making it the perfect match to LUMIRA’s luxurious scent. For an alternative look that still fits the brief, we recommend a timeless midnight navy suit paired alongside a crisp white shirt.


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Navy Tuxblue with red check blazer
Wing Tip Brogue Brown Shoes
Arabian Oud Perfume Oil

At Oscar Hunt, we believe there’s a time and place for everything, and a scent that best suits your evening wear – after all, it’s the simplest pleasures that make dressing up for the occasion easy and enjoyable.

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