Why made-to-measure doesn’t mean breaking the bank

23 July 2015

"Made-to-measure has many of the same benefits as bespoke, including the use of premium quality fabrics"

At Oscar Hunt, we believe having your own made-to-measure suit should be a memorable moment. A truly special experience.

But we also appreciate there might be a thought looming in your mind as you consider that new navy suit.

How much is this going to cost me?

Some people imagine a made-to-measure suit requires a financial layout equivalent to the GDP of a small European nation.

But here's the truth.

At Oscar Hunt, our made-to-measure suits are comparable to off-the-rack prices. So, you might not need to spend nearly as much as you first thought.

Tailored to your budget

The beauty of an Oscar Hunt made-to-measure suit is that it’s tailored to your exact specifications, including your budget. You can choose from hard-working, all-Australian merino wool entry level fabrics to wool/silk blends from luxury cloth-maker Dormeuil. It is important to be able to find a cloth that is suitable to your needs.

Range of options

While we’re very proud to offer a premium range of fabrics, we’re also able to meet a range of budgets. This extended range naturally has to meet our own high standards – we refuse to compromise on quality. But what it does allow is an affordable way to own a very special suit. The amount you decide to spend is obviously a very personal decision. There really is no right or wrong choice – only the best option for you.

Investment in quality

When you choose any of our made-to-measure collections, you're making an investment in quality. So while you might be thinking about the initial outlay, you're buying a suit that is intended to last you a very long time.
You're also buying something that you've been able to personalise from the very beginning...that's been tailored 100% to your personal preferences.

Made-to-measure suits also offer an incredibly affordable alternative to having one made bespoke. Made-to-measure has many of the same benefits as bespoke, including the use of premium quality fabrics. But regardless of how much you ultimately spend at Oscar Hunt, we’ll make sure you walk away with a suit that fits you great and that lasts you for many years to come.