Introducing Solbiati

Introducing Solbiati

A reputation of quality and craftsmanship

"Synonymous with great skill in cloth making Solbiati is the preferred choice of tailors worldwide."

One of the oldest cloth manufacturers is one of the most contemporary in its approach. Your new suit is an example of a progressive nod to an ancient craft with a tradition of innovation. Solbiati cloth is 150 years of history woven into the some of the finest linen and linen-blend fabrics the world has seen. And now you own your own piece of it.

Flax production was one of the practices first industrialised in Italy. From fax comes linen and Italy is the leading expert in how best to make the plant into a lightweight and breathable fabric for tailoring applications. The Solibati family established its company in 1874, and over four generations has developed a reputation of quality and craftsmanship. Synonymous with great skill in cloth making Solbiati is the preferred choice of tailors worldwide.

Solbiati always looks beyond its workshops for inspiration. Seeking the cues of society, culture and history to govern its cloths and it has done so since its inception. Throughout each generation Solbiati has created high-quality and contemporary cloths for the times. An approachable cloth maker it wants to know its clientele and responds with unparalleled fabric collections.

‘Made in Italy’ still hold its value and reputation and fine suiting is achieved only with the finest materials. Solbiati was the first to yarn dye linen, create a crepe version and soften linen so it would crease naturally. Nowadays it draws inspiration from its archives to retain the spirit of its founders and deliver innovative cloths to last into the next decade.

Your Oscar Hunt suit made from Solbiati cloth will be the inspiration for many looks and events, dressed to suitable perfection. It will accompany you on each occasion, its refined linen giving you comfort and sophisticated peace of mind. You couldn’t hope for more from a new suit.