Meet your fitters

Meet your fitters

Introduction to Jules Lichtenstein and Aaron Lister

"These chaps are your go-to in the showroom and have the pleasure of guiding you through the construction of your suit."

Welcome to Oscar Hunt. Soon you’ll own one of our made-to-measure suits and we’d like to introduce you to your fitters, Jules Lichtenstein and Aaron Lister. These chaps are your go-to in the showroom and have the pleasure of guiding you through the construction of your suit from the first fitting until the final. The relationship between a fitter and client is intimate, and throughout their lifetimes they will build a friendship and celebrate together the client’s successes.

Here are some things you mightn’t know about the men who help to create your made-to-measure suit.

Jules Lichtenstein, Showroom Host

A long-term fixture of Oscar Hunt, Jules always had a passion for menswear when growing up, drawn to unique designs and different materials. He recognised the craftsmanship of vintage suits found in op-shops and sought to find a way he could turn his hobby into a career. Enter tailoring.

Jules trusts his instinct when it comes to fitting his clientele. He starts with the shoulder and uses this as the basis for the rest of the jacket, which can correct all manner of posture issues and offer clean, elongating lines through the perfect drape.

Beyond tailoring Jules is in a popular Melbourne band and has legendary dance moves you must witness to appreciate.

Aaron Lister, Fitter

Tatted-up, pierced and ready to grind bitumen, Aaron is not someone normally associated with the ancient world of tailoring. A skilled skateboarder for 16 years, he has developed a passion for menswear and its craft. He understands experience is one of the most attractive attributes of tailoring and through his disarming approach puts men at ease.

Aaron represents the shift in attitudes to how tailoring should be worn and is a working example of its most contemporary incarnation. Tailoring shouldn’t discriminate; a good suit should be available to everyone no matter whether they carry a briefcase or board to work every day.