Made-to-measure business shirts

Made-to-measure business shirts

A well-cut shirt is transformative on every gentleman

When a business shirt fits well it conveys much more than your physique

A well-cut shirt is transformative on every gentleman. Under a suit jacket it’s the backup dancer, when the jacket is removed it’s the star of the show. A tailored shirt knows how to make an entrance. It’s subtle, but it alerts those around to your authority; through tailoring you can command respect.

When a business shirt fits well it conveys much more than your physique; it shows an attention to detail and an aesthetic understanding. There’s a science to it and it relates to its construction, fabrication and cut. A made-to-measure business shirt is yours and yours only, designed to suit your tastes and existing wardrobe. A choice of fabrics and collar styles means you can order shirts exactly as you need, rather than searching countless stores to find one that delivers. We can even personalise it with your initials. Why wear run-of-the-mill when you can have tailor-made for similar investment?

Beyond customisation is a range of advantages. Firstly, the ft of made-to-measure business shirts cannot compare to the store-bought alternative. The way they sit flush across your shoulders, sleeves that don’t bunch or conversely, constrict your movement; these attributes are unbeatable. Secondly, you receive greater quality: made to measure means you receive better cloth from a bolt designed for the creation of individual pieces rather than large-scale automated production runs. Instead you get craftsmanship. Third is ease: measure once, reorder at whim to replace shirts or build your wardrobe. Once you’ve found the perfect shirt you should make it eternal.

So when you visit our showroom consider some made-to-measure business shirts; the perfect complement to your new suit. A good suit needs a solid foundation to really make it shine, but once the shirt steps into the spotlight, they’ll know why you’ve got the role.