A beacon amongst the mass-produced

"While off-the-rack suits are designed to be seasonal, made to measure is designed to last years."

Made to measure has achieved its status as the preference for distinguished gentlemen for centuries. Prestige is usually associated with exclusivity, however, made-to-measure is a beacon amongst the mass-produced, impersonal off-the-rack options available. Made-to-measure creates a sense of occasion and purpose, and makes the wearer (and those he encounters) aware of the importance of fine craftsmanship.

The Perfect Fit

No gentleman is built alike and while large-scale manufacturers create standardised suiting, they will never ft exactly as they should. Made-to-measure takes into consideration a gent’s physique, allows for fluctuations and considers how he will wear the suit from day to day. This equates to comfort and a suit reflecting the wearer’s personality and profession. Off the rack can’t do that.

Quality Fabric Selection

A sea of ready-made navy blue suits can be overwhelming, and when you learn most of them are made of inferior-quality fabrics, it’s disheartening. With made to measure you experience a wide selection of fabrics before making the investment. A tailor has knowledge to prescribe and can detail each fabric and its attributes and guide you to one fitting your needs and budget.


When you make a significant investment you expect to reap its benefits. Tailoring should last. While off-the-rack suits are designed to be seasonal, made to measure is designed to last years. Made from higher quality materials and hand-finished it can’t be faked.


When a garment is made for you, only you can wear it to its optimum. When a suit is one of many, it’s made with large advertising budgets and profit margin in mind. Made-to-measure suiting conveys individuality and gives each wearer a one-off they can treasure. Knowing you’re the only one in the world with that exact suit gives you the confidence to tackle any challenge.