Meet your fitters

Meet your fitters

Introduction to Steve Barkla

"Steve is an accomplished fitter with undeniable drive for menswear."

Welcome to Oscar Hunt. Soon you’ll own one of our made-to-measure suits and we’d like to introduce you to your fitter, Steve Barkla. This gentleman is your go-to in the showroom and has the pleasure of guiding you through the construction of your suit from the first fitting until the final. The relationship between a fitter and client is intimate, and throughout their lifetimes they will build a friendship and celebrate together the client’s successes.

Here are some things you mightn’t know about the man who’ll help to create your made-to-measure suit.

Steve Barkla, Head Fitter

Managing our Sydney showroom, Steve is an accomplished fitter with undeniable drive for menswear. Each day he understands his clients’ fit in order to create a pattern to meet their needs and improve their aesthetic. His foray into menswear started with a love of heritage workwear; an appreciation of garments made with practicality as the first consideration, something Steve finds relevant today.

From when he puts on his own made-to-measure suit in the morning, Steve enjoys its purpose and the sentiment it conveys. He instils this passion with his clients, helping them to discover the joy of wearing suiting and achieve a greater level of confidence through comfort. Steve’s own style is distinctive and his clients enjoy his eye for creating their own wardrobes.

Client-focused and focused on experience, Steve welcomes all into the showroom with the same level of respect and without prejudice. He helps each client discover their own silhouette within the Oscar Hunt universe without prescribing a standard. In his own words, class never dates, and his philosophy is to help every gentleman discover their own lasting impression.