Open the door to accomplishing your work life balance

Open the door to accomplishing your work life balance

Let us help you to live your best life and focus on what's important to you.


At Oscar Hunt we're often told by our clients that time is the most difficult thing to manage. Given that having a suit made with us often takes three fittings, we're strongly aware of the time commitments that our clients have to make. So when we heard of Essential Solutions, a concierge service that focus on creating a sustainable work/life balance, we had to spread the word. We have also put together a great little offer. Read on:

ES Concierge Lifestyle Services are the key to achieving work-life balance when it comes to planning any aspect of your busy life from: travel, planning and organizing, entertainment, personal shopping and corporate gifting, administration, research, domestic services, leisure, health and wellbeing and lifestyle solutions.

Through our extensive range of membership services, we allow you to prioritize your diary and outsource your ‘to-do’ list to our Lifestyle Managers who manage anything that you lack the time, expertise or contacts to arrange yourself.

Whether you are an individual, single parent, a family, working couple, busy executive, entrepreneur or business looking to reward your key executives, employees and customers, we are the solution to achieving work-life balance.

A few simple steps is all it takes to get your dedicated lifestyle manager working for you. Please contact our Lifestyle Team to discuss the right membership plan for your needs.


As a special introductory offer for Oscar Hunt Customers
please quote OSCAR5 to receive five free requests
when you sign up for a minimum 3 month membership




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