Style inspiration

Adam’s July Look - Shades of Grey

As a fitter, I really enjoy playing with different tones within the same colour palette. I find that grey tones, when worn together, look really elegant and professional. I like to look at this suit as a blank canvas when creating an outfit, giving me endless opportunities to match shirt and tie colours.


Australia’s Best Dressed Businessman

Oscar Hunt has decided to take a look at some of Australia's best dressed businessmen and below are our top 5 contenders. Cast your votes at the bottom of the page, and in 2 weeks we will reveal the final verdict for 'Oscar Hunt Australia's Best Dressed Businessman'.

Style inspiration

Wei’s September Look -  Brown & Beige

This outfit really exemplifies the colour pallet of my wardrobe. The majority of my garments lie between chocolate brown to beige and I love contrasting and pairing anything within this spectrum. A light coloured sports jacket such as this is a really easy piece to wear.

Style inspiration

Explore your unique character this Spring Racing Carnival

The Spring Racing Carnival is almost upon us - which means it’s time to rid yourself of that suit you plan on wearing “just one last time”, and get something new made for you. From the first fitting, to walking out with your garments, our process takes approximately 6 weeks.