Make it better

There’s barely a handful of fully bespoke tailors left in Australia but, having polished his craft on London’s Savile Row, Rhys Twist is preserving the tradition.


Stan Yarramunua

Stan Yarramunua may have conquered the art world, but he’s not done yet. His latest collaboration with Oscar Hunt is set to infiltrate the corridors of power.


Australia’s Best Dressed Businessman

Oscar Hunt has decided to take a look at some of Australia's best dressed businessmen and below are our top 5 contenders. Cast your votes at the bottom of the page, and in 2 weeks we will reveal the final verdict for 'Oscar Hunt Australia's Best Dressed Businessman'.


The Style Series: David Freeman from H2Coco Coconut Water

CEO David Freeman knows a thing or two about living a life well-balanced. From early beginnings in the glitz of Sydney’s nightlife business, the Australian entrepreneur set his sights on the world of wellness – launching his highly successful H2coco brand in 2010.