Huddersfield Cloth - your opportunity to purchase the last metres of these classic fabrics

Huddersfield Cloth is one of the few remaining cloth merchants still operating in the heart of Yorkshire’s textile industry. Supplying some of the finest cloth in Britain, we’re lucky enough to have sourced the final meters from a collection of 6 timeless fabrics for you to choose from, as pictured below.


Our new cotton trouser collection has arrived

With Spring almost in full swing, it’s time to swap out your wool trousers for something lighter, more comfortable and just as functional. We’re celebrating the impending warm weather with a new collection of cotton trousers.


Loro Piana Pecora Nera

This saying was born from the wool of the sheep we are speaking about right now. Black, once the dominant colour of sheep bred in the past, quickly became less prominent once farmers discovered the endless varieties of colour that white wool could be dyed into.