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Oscar Limited VIII



Oscar Limited VIII

The Oscar Limited is a series of one time unique offers for Oscar Hunt garments constructed using our premium fabrics. For this edition of the Oscar Limited, we have sourced a new mid weight fabric from Dugdale Brothers & Co in Huddersfield. Dugdale describes this beautiful mid weight fabric as sunburst mid blue herringbone. A blend of 98% wool and 2% cashmere, this non seasonal suit is perfect for year round use.

An Oscar Hunt suit constructed in this cloth would normally be priced at $1895. We present this fabric to clients as a special offer of $1299 for a tailored, two-piece suit. The offer is inclusive of all design features you choose, and all fittings necessary. This is a limited offer as we only have enough fabric to create 20 suits.

If you are interested in purchasing an Oscar Limited suit, please request a fitting via the form, or call our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, using the details below.

As always, first in best dressed.

Dugdale Brothers & Co Mid Blue Herringbone
Available: 80 metres (20 suits)
Colour: Mid blue
Composition: 98% wool 2% Cashmere 
Weight: 260g/9.1oz