Wearing a brown suit

Wearing a brown suit

There’s nothing humble about a brown suit

"Today’s brown suit is a fusion of individuality and heritage."

There’s nothing humble about a brown suit. Once a colour of clergy and cassocks, it’s now the ultimate sophistication and you’ve chosen well. In less than eight weeks you’ll have your very own brown suit ready to cause trouble. Make sure you’re ready to run with some key looks the minute it arrives.

Until recently most regarded brown suits with disdain, but what a wasted opportunity to look remarkable. Today’s brown suit is a fusion of individuality and heritage. Old-world sophistication meets daring, whether broadcloth, checkered or tweed. It’s our responsibility to redefine the brown suit. Brown hues are no longer just chocolate, tan and mission. They’re cocoa, mocha and pepper; more exotic and subtle and made from quality cloth not synthetic, and with more of a tale to tell.

Brown suits are versatile with no end of shirt styles you can wear. Plaid and gingham are a natural choice, as are plain dress shirts or those with the tiniest of spots. White, powder blue and even pale pink make for an elegant match, while lemon is off-limits if you want to look contemporary and not like your shirt is unwashed. White rounded collared shirts say suave, particularly against a light tan. Build upon this look with a strong navy tie and make people pay attention when finished with an elegant shoe.

Brown or black—it’s not important; tradition says brown with brown, but black is as much an edgy statement as a deep caramel. Brown is an important style progression because it suggests we’re ready to acknowledge the past and incorporate its best components into the way we dress today. From the hunting field and Harris tweed to Sixties advertising and Eighties finance, every era has had its brown moment. We’re about to have ours starting with you.