Wearing a navy suit

Wearing a navy suit

A most elegant choice and one rooted in practicality

"You can dress up or down navy with a little effort and the support of an artillery of accessories."

We’d recommend every man should own a navy blue suit. A most elegant choice and one rooted in practicality, your selection is no mistake. You can dress up or down navy with a little effort and the support of an artillery of accessories. Tis noble colour pairs well with watches, belts and other high- quality items accrued from hard work. And it’s simple enough to suit some of your favourite ties.

Navy blue conveys trust—it’s science. And this sincerity will show as you advise your colleagues and clients with your inimitable knowledge. Navy means steadfast business and assured security. We put our confdence in those dressed in the hue, subliminal and sartorial we’ve already understood who’s the authority in any situation.

Your new suit can take on many roles. With a little imagination you can style it anywhere from classic to contemporary with ties, pocket squares and gents’ jewellery such as cufflinks, tie bars and stick pins. Navy’s versatility doesn’t limit what you can wear because it’s the perfect basis for some fawless outfts.

Navy looks best with warm colours, so whether it’s neckties or knitwear, bear this in mind. Even cool colours look warmer against navy blue. Blues appear brighter, light greens clearer; moonlit on a night sky. Shirts follow their own rule: whiter and lighter coloured is best as bold colours disrupt the suit’s sheen. Let the suit’s quality do the talking, shirts and accessories should refect its brilliance.

Navy is by no means safe: still daring, though it’s a classic choice. Your new suit will assure you each morning that you made the right decision and selected a suit with sophistication and opportunity for exploration. You are commanding a vessel of great importance and you need to look the part in navy blue.