Wearing made-to-measure shirts casually

Wearing made-to-measure shirts casually

Tailored options for casual wear

"Casual elegance is something to which we should aspire."

If you’re a gent who favours a tailored suit, then you’ve already chosen to look your best when at the office. Why not do it when you’re off the clock? At your next appointment, ask your fitter to show you some tailored options for casual wear. Tink checks, not cheques: the weekend’s your chance to relax, even when wearing a shirt.

A crisp, clean made-to-measure shirt worn with a pair of trousers, chinos or denims on days off is a hard look to beat. It sets you apart at barbecues, when running errands and at family commitments. It’s not conservative, in fact, it’s quite the opposite; rebellion in a time when casual wear is now so unrefined. Remember: gentlemen always wear full-sleeved shirts, no matter the season. Short sleeves are for boys.

A good shirt collection should comprise formal, business and casual looks, with a little crossover between categories. While business shirts may be worn on weekends, psychologically you should make the distinction to allow you to rest without routine. Casual shirts are less structured than their counterparts: no double cuffs, no cutaway or contrast collars, just a well-cut shape and high-quality fabric.

Without the restrictions of corporate dress codes, feel free to experiment with fabrics, colour and patterns. Plaid is your friend and you can create a sophisticated complement to your existing style. From gingham to windowpane, choose different widths for an individual aesthetic to suit specific occasions. Stripes are fine, just don’t overdo it on the Eighties—choose thicker stripes for a bold statement or a barely-there line to add texture. Enjoy colour again and make the most of those you’d normally avoid with a business suit.

Casual elegance is something to which we should aspire, and you can achieve it with your made-to- measure shirt collection. And you can have a lot of fun while doing it.