Weddings     The wedding suit that stands the test of time

Many brides have looked at their parents’ or celebrities’ wedding photos and thought, “What were they thinking?” when it comes to wedding outfits from decades past. If you want to make sure that your husband’s wedding suit is a timeless classic that will always look good in your wedding photos, we’ll show you what to look out for.

Classic wedding suits avoid ill-fitting trends

Tailoring has been through many trends in the last 50 years. The 1990s saw a trend of boxy jackets and big shoulder pads, and 4-button suits were popular. The 80s fashions were for loose fitting, pleated trousers and soft unstructured jackets. In the 70s, trousers were tight in the seat and thigh with flared or bell-bottoms, and jackets were long with extra wide lapels. It’s when we go back to the 60s and 50s that we see a more classic tailored fit, though there is a prevalence of high waisted trousers.

By avoiding extremes of tight or loose fitting suits and shiny fabrics, and instead sticking with classic styles and colours, you can make sure your wedding photos won't look dated.

Classic styles that stand the test of time

For formal and traditional weddings, the tuxedo or dinner suit is a timeless classic. In black or midnight navy with satin peak lapel or shawl collar, this is a style that will never look dated. Pair the dinner suit with either the traditional pleat-front wing collar shirt or white standard collar shirt and a hand-tied bow tie.

A navy or mid-grey wool lounge suit with notched lapel, with or without a vest, is another classic look. These suits work best with white or very pale blue shirts and a contrast colour silk tie.

A timeless look focuses on plain and classic shades for the suit, with small amounts of colour in the accessories. You can’t go wrong with a classic white pocket square.

The key to a classic wedding suit is a perfect fit

A correctly tailored wedding suit fits your husband’s body in a way that highlights his good features so he looks his best on your wedding day. Quality tailoring also has the ability to conceal small imperfections in physique and posture.The key to a perfect fit is a made-to-measure wedding suit

that has been constructed for its recipient from the first step. An off-the-rack suit that has been altered to fit will never be able to achieve the same perfection.


The seam where the shoulder meets the arm should sit exactly at the point of the shoulder, and the top of the shoulder pad should be flat and smooth. A well-fitted jacket will close with no pulling or wrinkling of the fabric around the button. The jacket will have subtle definition in the waist, and will close neatly over his stomach to hide his shirt. The jacket sleeve should end at the little bone on the outside of the wrist. About 1-1.5cm of shirtsleeve should be visible below the jacket sleeve. The length of the jacket body should be slightly above the knuckles when his arms are hanging naturally by his sides.


Trousers that fit correctly are snug around the seat and hang fairly straight down the back of the leg. When trousers are too long they bunch above the shoe, which disrupts the drape of the trouser further up the leg. A standard trouser length sits with the cuff just touching the top of the shoe, causing a slight dimple at the front called the ‘break’.

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