SS23 - This Australian Life

What is Australian style?

While it might be a simple question to ask, it’s much harder to answer.

Because, if anything, our sense of style is a collage. 

It’s a little Neapolitan and a little British. It’s imported French fabrics rubbing shoulders with South East Asian influences. It’s garments that are built less for lush overcast countryside or grand estates and more for long, hot Summers. 

And that’s what this collection is really - a celebration of all of that. 

Shot on location in Sydney, the campaign highlights a decidedly Australian style that directly nods to our migrant DNA and the all Australian dream (naturally, with a heavy dose of Oscar Hunt charm on top). 

Featuring timeless straight-cut silhouettes in breezy seasonal fabrics, the clothes themselves epitomise played down luxury where the finesse is in the detail. Whether it’s the flash of iridescence in a Solaro cotton suit or the ripple of Shantung silk in our new season evening wear, they easily tread the line between style and ease. 

And that’s because these are garments made to be worn. 

If there’s one thing that we know about dressing for the Australian lifestyle, it’s that we’re dynamic. Always shifting. Always on the move.  Always ready to integrate another thread into the gloriously textured weave that is, well, us. 

So without further ado, we invite you to come in and discover tailoring for this Australian life  - and this season in particular.

Solaro Twill Single Breasted Suit
Dugdale 100%

Sand Double Breasted Peak Lapel Suit
Womenswear In House 100% cotton

Tan Gun Check Single Breasted Jacket
Dormeuil 47% wool 53% linen

Black Twill Flat Front Frogmouth Trouser
Loro Piana 100% cotton

Cream Herringbone Double Breasted Peak Lapel Suit
Loro Piana 49% wool 30% silk 21% linen

Tobacco Plain Weave Double Breasted Suit
Dugdale 100% linen