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Our flagship showroom is tucked away above Melbourne’s iconic Hardware Lane. Here, our expert fitters will walk you through our range in the relaxed environment of our in-house bar, lounge and open tailoring workshop.

Tailored suits Melbourne

Discreetly tucked away above the iconic Hardware Lane lies our flagship showroom. 

Distinguished by a quintessentially Melbourne style of laid-back luxury, this space is a reflection of the city around it, specialising in clothing that appeals to stylish Melbournians. 

With an in-house bar, lounge and open tailoring workshop, the showroom invites you to make yourself at home while you meet with our expert fitters to plan your next statement piece. 

Away from the commercial outposts of Bourke Street Mall, Oscar Hunt Melbourne offers a more considered (and relaxing) shopping experience.

Specialising in made-to-measure suiting, each customer's garments are personalised to them, ensuring that the highest quality fit every time. 

Made-to-measure wedding suits in Melbourne

At Oscar Hunt, we pride ourselves on fostering an outstanding experience throughout the whole suit shopping process. It’s for this reason that Oscar Hunt Melbourne is a must-visit first stop along a groom or bride’s wedding suit journey. 

Offering a specialised service for you and your wedding party, our team of expert fitters have decades of combined wisdom to create the perfect garments for your special day. 

Whether you’re planning a luxurious overseas event, a cocktail soiree looking out over Port Phillip Bay or rustic yet intimate nuptials in the Yarra Valley – our Melbourne team will be there with you the whole way. 

Working outside the restrictions of off-the-rack sizing, our made-to-measure service ensures that all suiting is tailored to perfection and that a cohesive look is achieved across the groomsmen or bridal party. 

We find this ultimately creates a more aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The destination for men’s business suits in Melbourne

The corporate wardrobe has undergone a lot of change over the past few years but that doesn’t mean a timeless custom suit isn’t still a foundational element of any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing it into the office on a quarterly basis or you’re back to a more traditional nine-to-five grind, our team can help curate the right suit for you.

And it all starts with how you plan to wear your tailor-made suit in Melbourne. For those who are treating it as an every-now-and-then piece, you might choose to explore some of our finer fabrics that are less well-suited to everyday wear. After all, if you’re wearing a suit, you may as well make it a good one. 

On the flip side, for anyone looking for something a little more durable, we have an array of harder-wearing but still extremely high-quality cloths that may be more suitable. 

For those who are particularly concerned about maximising the lifespan of your Melbourne suit, there are three everyday hacks that we often recommend. 

The first is having a silk saddle added to your trousers. This minimises any weakening of the fabric that comes from the legs brushing against one another. 

The second is adding a second pair of trousers to your order and then alternating wear. Given trousers are often the first part of a suit to start looking tired, this is a great way of extending the freshness of the full suit. 

Finally, in an ideal world, you’re also alternating suits throughout the week. This gives the fabric the chance to breathe, distributes wear more evenly and gives you more variety in your ensembles.

Navy Hopsack Double Breasted Blazer - Oscar Hunt

Casual custom suits in Melbourne

In addition to our selection of more formal tailor-made suits, we also offer an extensive casual tailoring collection – perfect for those days when you want to put in that little bit of extra effort without wearing a more traditional business suit.

Lately, we’re seeing a rise in less-structured suits made from lighter fabrications like cotton, linen or light-weight wool that lend themselves to being styled in a more laid-back fashion. Think t-shirts in place of button-downs and sneakers instead of brogues. 

Another element of casual suiting that’s often overlooked is that it generally represents a broader colour palette with which to experiment. Stepping outside the big three – charcoal, navy and black – this is a licence to dabble in neutrals or even brighter shades. 

In addition to offering suits in Melbourne, we’re just as at home making separates. A blazer can be the perfect in-between, representing peak versatility and an excuse to play with different patterns and textures. 

One of our personal favourites is a classic houndstooth blazer in warm brown shades. It looks just as good with taupe chinos as it does with light-wash jeans and can be dressed up or down with the easy addition of a tie or a pocket square. 

Not just another suit shop in Melbourne

In addition to offering some of the best-tailored suits in Melbourne, we also stock a curated selection of ready-to-wear items. 

This includes a range of footwear from European heavy-hitters Sanders and Baudoin & Lange. The Sanders styles skew a little more to the traditional, featuring tasselled loafers and Oxfords in calfskin along with their classic chukka boot. In contrast, Baudoin & Lange offers a more contemporary point of view with their signature Belgian loafer in black and light-brown suede. 

We also have all the finishing touches you could need for suiting including neckties, pocket squares and cufflinks. These sit alongside limited releases of ready-to-wear garments like our suede blouson.

Women’s suits in Melbourne

With the world of fashion firmly focused on women's suiting and increasing interest in this iconic sartorial statement from younger audiences, the wonderful women of Oscar Hunt have championed our very own women’s line. 

Designed with the contemporary woman specifically in mind, our fitters work to ensure not only a fashionable aesthetic but also the utmost in functionality so that you can get about your day in equal parts style and comfort. 

Working with the highest quality cloth manufacturers, we offer a broad range of styles and fabrics to choose from which achieves a highly personalised end result. 

To discover more about our women’s range, click here

The Oscar Hunt Melbourne experience

Alongside our role as a suit tailor in Melbourne, we also consider ourselves the proud custodians of a fairly unique experience, starting from the moment you enter our showroom. You’ll be greeted by a thoughtfully designed space, featuring a curated selection of furniture from the ‘60s and ‘70s alongside contemporary pieces. 

We’re just as committed to making your experience comfortable as we are chic. This means plenty of space for you and your guests and comfortable seating so that you can relax properly. 

During your appointment with your suit tailor in Melbourne, you’ll also be offered complimentary beverages from our in-house bar. We’re proud stockists of some of Australia’s best drink labels (some more on them below), alongside European classics such as Pommery. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find the Melbourne Showroom?

    Part of our Melbourne Showroom’s appeal is its out-of-the-way location.

    Our entrance is directly opposite Kirk’s Wine Bar – head through the open glass doors and on your left-hand side is an elevator that’ll deliver you directly to our door.

    Do I need to have an appointment before I come in?

    Please feel free to swing by if you would like to chat about the big picture (like getting an idea of fabrics, styles, etc.). If you’re looking for a suit fitting, make an appointment to ensure our fitters can devote sufficient time to perfecting your suit.

    Can I buy ready-to-wear?

    While our suits and shirting are made-to-measure and do therefore require a lead time, our accessories and footwear are available for purchase at your convenience.


    To make a booking or have a chat about Melbourne suits, reach out to our Melbourne team via phone on 0499 775 349 or email

    If dropping by is more your style, we’re open 8:30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

    Tue - Fri 8:30am - 6:00pm
    Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Sun - Mon Closed

    0499 775 349

    3/43 Hardware Lane,
    Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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