Our range of made-to-measure wedding suits will have you looking and feeling your best, whether you’re at the altar, taking happy snaps or getting way too low on the dancefloor.

Australia’s Favourite Wedding Suit

We created our custom wedding suit service to make your pre-wedding prep a laidback, easy-going and, most importantly, fun experience. 

Round up the groomsmen and step into our showroom where you can kick back and enjoy a drink while our experienced fitters take care of all the important details in bringing your vision to life. 

With our custom wedding suits, you’ll feel like the best version of yourself, so you can tackle your big day with style, confidence and ease.

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Tailored Wedding Suits For Both
Grooms and Brides To Be

No wedding is the same and that’s the baseline that we like to work from at Oscar Hunt. After all, the beauty of made-to-measure clothing is that it’s fully customisable based on your preferences. That said, we also recognise  that starting with a blank slate can be somewhat daunting and that’s why we’ve included a breakdown of some of the more common themes that men’s and women’s wedding suits can fall into.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids wedding suits in Australia

While you and your partner are going to be the main attraction on the big day, you also want those closest to you looking their very best. And it’s for this very reason that our wedding service extends to your bridal or groomsmen party as well. 

Our general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a style for the broader group is to go with something that compliments but doesn’t completely match your ensemble. This might be subtle, through a different style of bow-tie or boutonniere, or it might be more dramatic with the group wearing a slightly different colour. 

We find that the best way to decide on this is to show you what those options can look like together from a fabric and colour perspective and then make a call from there. The overarching theme of the day can also help inform this choice as there may even be an appetite to have the party tie in with the florals or wider colour scheme while you and your partner are in a higher contrast look. 

Of course, beyond being able to select the style of the suit itself, one of the major benefits of choosing made-to-measure is that we can also ensure that the entire party is fitted to perfection. Often-times, we will speak to clients who have struggled to find a style that’s sizing will work for the entire group or they simply can’t get the right stock. 

Here at Oscar Hunt, that’s not an issue as every garment is built off the back of a customised block. This means no one has to squeeze into something they don’t feel comfortable in and everyone looks their very best on the day. 

The consummate experience for custom wedding suits in Australia

Beyond the garment itself, we also pride ourselves on offering a completely unique experience both for you and your wedding party. Far removed from the poky change rooms you might be used to (and a far cry from many of Australia’s online wedding suit tailors), our showrooms feature large fitting suites, decked out with signature Australian furniture from the 60 and 70s that is as elegant as it is comfortable. 

It’s in this very space that we’ll invite you to start the appointment by telling us a little bit about what’s in store for your wedding including the location, theme, dress code and time of year. 

Each of these details helps us to refine the brief for your custom-made tailored wedding suit, and curate a set of options that are going to be the most relevant to you and your taste. By way of example, the options we might show for a beach wedding during the height of Summer are going to look very different to those for a Winter wedding in the Southern states.

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While we invite you to share, our team will also be delighted to offer you and your party complimentary beverages from our in-house bar which includes a variety of tipples from some of Australia’s most renowned drink brands, including those from our partners Four Pillars and Young Henrys. 

After all, a wedding is something to be celebrated, not a stiff, formal or - God forbid- boring experience. Our team, while being experts in their craft, are also resoundingly down to earth and committed to ensuring that you’re as pleased with the experience in the showroom as you are with the finished product.

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Wedding coming up?

If you’re in the process of planning your big day, feel free to drop us a line or give us a bell to discuss how we can help support.