Made to Measure

Our made-to-measure service is just that – garments made exactly to your style and measurements. With the guidance of our expert fitters we’ll help you create unique pieces that fit your personal style. 


The Made-To-Measure Process

First time? Start with a consultation

The best way to discover made-to-measure is to drop by one of our showrooms for a no-pressure chat with our expert fitters. They’ll take you through our range of options while answering any and all of the questions you have. You can enjoy a drink while getting an idea of our styles and hear more about pricing and turnaround time.

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Our Garments


Suits are our bread and butter. With thousands of fabrics and design elements to choose from, we can craft you a custom suit for business, pleasure, leisure or a special occasion.

Learn more about our made-to-measure suits, starting at $995.


Our made-to-measure jackets offer the same level of customisation as our suits – minus the trousers. Add some unique pieces to your wardrobe with a custom blazer or sports coat designed with our expert team.

Learn more about our made-to-measure jackets, starting at $745.


Formal shirts, business shirts, dinner shirts, casual shirts – our made-to-measure shirt service can do it all. From cuffs to collar and every stitch in between, the level of customisation and tailoring is all crafted to your exact style and measurements. 

Learn more about our made-to-measure shirts, starting at $245.


Instead of spending your whole life searching for the perfect pair of trousers, let us make them for you. Wool trousers, summer chinos, suit pants – our made-to-measure trouser service can craft a world of fits and fabrics into your new favourite pants.

Learn more about our made-to-measure trousers, starting at $345.


Our made-to-measure coats are crafted from luxuriously soft and warm fabrics like wool and cashmere. Choose from a wide range of cloths, and we’ll perfectly tailor a custom overcoat that stands the test of time.

Learn more about our made-to-measure coats, starting at $1,145.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Our made-to-measure suit service is appointment-based to give you the experience you deserve. It’s the best way to meet our team and learn the details of creating your custom tailored suit. 

If you’re looking to check out our ready to wear range, footwear or accessories, you’re welcome to drop into a showroom anytime.

What are the turnaround times?

From first appointment to final fitting, the process takes about seven to nine weeks. If you’re under the pump, we can organise for fast-tracked construction and reduce the turnaround to six weeks. 

With wedding suits, just like everything wedding related, it’s best to get stuck into planning as soon as you can. It’ll be one less thing to worry about ahead of the big day.

How much are your garments?

As a made-to-measure service, our pricing is based on your choice of fabric. There are no additional charges for the level of detail or number of fittings needed – that’s all on us.

Generally, our made-to-measure two-piece suits start at $995, while separate jackets start from $745, trousers from $345 and our made-to-measure shirts from $245.

What suit fabrics can I choose from?

We have a selection of the world’s best fabrics from renowned artisans, including Dugdale Bros, Ariston, Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Solbiati, Porter and Harding, Harrisons of Edinburgh and more. With a focus on natural fibres, our range includes wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and mohair.