Our extensive range of made-to-measure trousers suit any need, occasion, or suit for that matter. Wool trousers, summer chinos, tuxedo pants – you name it and we’ll make it just for you.

With a wide range of fabrics, from light summer cotton and liner to hardwearing denim, corduroy and more, we’ll cut the perfect pair of trousers to your exact measurements and preference. You’ll be strutting your stuff in no time.

Our made-to-measure trousers start from $345. Book a fitting at your local showroom to learn more.

  • Black and White Dog-Tooth Single Breasted Suit - Oscar Hunt
  • Brown Single Breasted Peak Lapel Suit - Oscar Hunt
  • Cocoa cotton - Oscar Hunt
  • Steel blue cotton - Oscar Hunt
  • Beige cotton - Oscar Hunt
  • Gunmetal cotton - Oscar Hunt