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Learn more about the made-to-measure suit process here at Oscar Hunt. Things like what fabrics we use, how long does it take to get your suit made, payment options, etc. We are located in Melbourne, Prahran, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


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How does the fitting process work?

Our made-to-measure service is a three-stage process (you’ll enjoy it, we promise). Your first fitting is when the fun kicks off. Our fitters will walk you through selecting the details of your made-to-measure suit before taking your initial measurements, carefully considering proportion, posture and balance. 

We’ll invite you back to the showroom for a second fitting once your suit has been constructed. You can try it on and we'll see how it’s fitting, taking note of any last-minute alterations that our in-house tailors will complete within a week. 

Finally, the third fitting is where you try on your made-to-measure suit one last time for final touches. Then you’re ready to head out in your personally tailored suit. We’ll also keep your updated measurements and on hand for next time.

What are the turnaround times?

From first appointment to final fitting, the process takes about seven to nine weeks. If you’re under the pump, we can organise for fast-tracked construction and reduce the turnaround to six weeks. 

With wedding suits, just like everything wedding-related, it’s best to get stuck into planning as soon as you can. It’ll be one less thing to worry about ahead of the big day.

Is the process faster if I only get a jacket instead of a full suit?

All of our garments are made-to-measure to your personal specifications, which means a jacket or full suit will take the same amount of time.

What suit fabrics can I choose from?

We have a selection of the world’s best fabrics from renowned artisans, including Dugdale Bros, Ariston, Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Solbiati, Porter and Harding, Harrisons of Edinburgh and more. With a focus on natural fibres, our range includes wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and mohair. 


Superfine Merino wool sourced from Australia and New Zealand is our most utilised cloth, which we love for its versatility, quality and longevity. Ranging from light and tropical to heavy and warm weights, it can be crafted into both summer and winter suits.


The versatility of cotton makes it a great fabric not only for shirting but also for suiting. Lightweight and relaxed, it creates suits with a natural and comfortable feel while also providing a solid base to dress up or down.


The carefree look of linen is perfect for laidback suits, especially in warmer climates with humid weather. It’s durable, absorbent and has an open weave to feel cooler on the skin. With their easy-going elegance, linen suits are as comfortable on the beach as they are in the streets.


Blends combine all the best elements into one hardworking fabric. Depending on the mix they can increase durability, sheen, texture and softness. You’ll see some combinations pretty frequently, like linen and silk, cotton and linen, silk and cotton, wool and cashmere, or wool and mohair.

What shirt fabrics can I choose from?

Our focus on natural fibres makes cotton the best choice for shirting. We use 100 per cent cotton that looks and wears great while being durable and easy to look after. Our shirting comes in a range of cotton weaves including twill, oxford and poplin. 


One of the most common weaves in business shirts, twill has an easy-wearing thickness, is easy to iron and sits well on the body. 


Thickly weaved cotton creates the coarse texture found in Oxford shirting, most famously found in Oxford University button-down collar shirts. They’re great for casual wear but can easily be dressed up for business.


The light weave of poplin makes it perfect for warmer weather and also creates a smooth texture with a slight sheen. It drapes as easily as it irons, what’s not to love?

Do you offer wedding packages?

Instead of offering generic wedding packages, we created our made-to-measure wedding service that craft suits unique to your personal style. They’ll make you feel like the best version of yourself, whether you’re at the altar, taking happy snaps or getting way too low on the dancefloor.

How long do group fittings like wedding parties take?

We recommend allowing 30 minutes per person in your group. This gives us enough time to measure everyone and go through the design details. The good news is our showrooms have plenty of space for your group to kick back and enjoy a drink while we take care of all the details.

To make things even easier, we recommend the groom come by for a consultation on his own ahead of the group booking. That way we can finalise the styles and keep the group fitting focused on measurements.

Lining up with everybody’s busy calendars can be tricky, so we recommend booking your group fitting as far in advance as you can. Keeping your appointment is just as important – we’ll always try to find you a new one but can’t guarantee a time will be available. 

How many fittings do I need?

One, two, three, done. The first fitting is to design your piece and take measurements. The second fitting is for trying on the initial constructions and refining the fit. The third and final fitting is for a last check and collection.

What’s the difference between a consultation and a first fitting?

Consultations are a no-pressure chat with our team where you can ask any questions you might have and hear more about our suits. You can see our fabric choices and learn more about pricing and timeline. 

Your first fitting is when the fun kicks off. You’ll be measured by our expert fitters and make selections for your custom garment. From there, we’ll get to work creating it.

Do I need an appointment?

Our made-to-measure suit service is appointment-based to give you the experience you deserve. It’s the best way to meet our team and learn the details of creating your custom-tailored suit. 

If you’re looking to check out our ready-to-wear range, footwear or accessories, you’re welcome to drop into a showroom anytime.

Can I supply my own fabric for you to construct?

For guaranteed outcomes and timeframes, we believe the Oscar Hunt experience is best when you choose from our range of expertly selected fabrics. However, our skilled craftspeople can work with materials you’ve sourced yourself. Please connect with our team to learn more about pricing and what’s possible.

What are the design options for jackets, trousers and shirts?

We’ve created our made-to-measure suit service to give you a wide range of design options. Our team of expert fitters will work with you during every step to bring your vision to life. Some of the design selections you can make are:


Shoulder structure: traditional, soft, unpadded, roped and more.
Internal lining: fully lined, half-lined or completely unlined.
Lapels: peak, notch or shawl – in a width of your choice.
Closures: single-breasted in one, two or three-roll-two button. Double-breasted in six, four or two buttons.
External pockets: flapped, jetted or patched.
Vents: double, single or none.
Buttons: choose from our wide range of buttons. Our sleeves are made with functioning cuff buttons. If you have a specific button set in mind, our tailors can easily add these for you.
Monogramming: we can position various fonts either inside the lining or under the collar.


Waistband: side adjusters, belt loops or neither.
Front: flat-fronted, single-pleated or double-pleated.
Closure: zip or button fly.
Finishing: turn up cuffs at 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or plain hem.
Inner braces buttons: added upon request


Collars: choose from our wide range of collars, including classic, semi-cutaway, full cutaway, button-down, mandarin or more.
Cuffs: button or French (double) cuff in numerous styles.
Monogramming: we can position various fonts on either the cuff, collar or body.

What about canvassing?

We offer a range of different canvassing weights, including traditional weight, lightweight, and no canvassing at all. Our jackets are constructed with a floating half-canvas through the shoulder and chest. A floating canvas is sewn instead of glued into the lapel and armhole, resulting in a soft, form-fitting shape. All layers of canvassing are sourced from Germany where they’re constructed with natural fibres so the jacket can breathe and move correctly.

What does the number S refer to? Super 150S, for example?

This number is a measurement of how fine the wool is after being spun into a yarn. A higher S number means the finer yarn – but that doesn’t necessarily refer to quality. A higher S number may feel soft on your skin but will not be as durable when worn weekly to work. You’ll most likely see an S number from 100 to 160, selecting the right number is a matter of preference and intention for how you’ll wear your suit.


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How much are your garments?

As a made-to-measure service, our pricing is based on your choice of fabric. There are no additional charges for the level of detail or number of fittings needed – that’s all on us. Generally, our made-to-measure two-piece suits start at $995, while separate jackets start from $745, trousers from $345 and our made-to-measure shirts from $245.

What are your payment options?

We’ll take full payment at your first fitting. Please note there is a surcharge on all Amex payments and we’re unable to offer AfterPay.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we can ship garments internationally with an additional delivery charge. International delivery costs vary and you may also incur tax requirements from the destination country.

Do you offer rental suits?

We don’t offer rental suits – but we’ll happily make a suit that you’d never want to return.

Do you have any suits off the rack?

All of our suits are made-to-measure for a more personalised and enduring garment. Unlike off-the-rack suits, which are generic with limited alterations, made-to-measure pieces are unique to your style and needs.

Do you offer alterations for garments from other brands?

We have an experienced master tailor who can alter any garment. The price and timeframe will depend on the piece, which we’ll discuss with you in advance. For best results, we ask that your garment is dry cleaned before we begin.

Why do you recommend two pairs of trousers with a suit?

Two pairs of trousers will prolong the life of your suit. Trousers do a lot of work – standing, walking, sitting, dancing – they do it all. Rotating two pairs of trousers regularly will make sure your suit stands with you for years to come.

Where are your suits made?

Our suits are made with a combination of old-world craft and new-world technology. We complete the core construction in our Shanghai workshop, using world-leading Gerber laser technology to cut fabrics for an exact fit. This is complemented by linings, canvassing and shoulder construction which we source from the best makers and artisans in Europe.

We selected our Shanghai manufacturer after testing made-to-measure facilities across the world, including Portugal, England, Italy and Bulgaria. Once we saw the world-leading quality of construction that our Chinese facility can create, it was a no-brainer. 

The final steps to finish our suits are done right here, in our showrooms by our team of tailors. It’s a global effort to make sure we can bring you exceptional tailoring and service with remarkable value.

How should I care for my Oscar Hunt garments?


Rotating and resting your suits will help them last longer – that’s why we also recommend a second pair of trousers. When hanging your suit, choose a wide hanger that supports the shoulders to help it keep shape.

Spot-clean any small blemishes on your garment with a damp cloth. If your suit is looking a little tired, a simple press might be the answer. Come see us at your nearest Oscar Hunt showroom and we can sort it out for you.

Save money and only dry clean your suit when it really needs it. Dry cleaners often use harsh chemicals that can impact the longevity of your suit and create an unwanted shine. When you do need one, be sure to find a premium, reputable dry cleaner. And remember to ask them to wrap your horn or shell buttons in foil to avoid cracking. 

A tip for pants – wear socks and go easy when putting them on. If you happen to unstitch the hem, it’s an easy fix. Drop them into your nearest showroom and we'll sort it out within minutes.

Much like suits, dry cleaning can be detrimental to the life of your shirts. The chemicals and harsh pressing can wear the edges of the fabric and damage the buttons. Instead, cold machine or hand wash your shirts at a temperature less than 30 degrees.


The first rule of shoe care is not to wear the same pair of shoes every day of the week. We know you love them, but you’ve got to let them rest and relax. Establish a regular care routine to keep your shoes looking their best by cleaning, conditioning and polishing. Or the lower bar is to at least use a shoe brush and remove loose dirt after each wear. Finally, unvarnished cedar shoe trees will help absorb moisture and ensure the leather keeps its shape. 

Do you have Oscar Hunt gift vouchers?

We sure do. They’re great for any occasion, giving the gift of a unique shopping experience and a garment you know they’ll love. Vouchers expire after 12 months – but, to be honest, if you miss the date we’re not going to hold it against you.

You can order a gift voucher by visiting one of our showrooms or dropping us a note at custom@oscarhunt.com.au.