Choosing the right suit profile and style for your body type.

Fashion trends tend to dictate which men’s suiting fits are in style. Over the last 10 years, the dial has moved toward slim and skinny fits. Globally, men have gravitated toward tailored looks that accentuate their physiques, but not every gent is built the same. Though the fashion industry paints the picture that all men should go slim to look their best, that’s not always solid advice. It’s important to understand your body type and which suit fits work best for it.

Tall guys
tallguys1 Slim suiting looks great on tall guys when the balance of your proportions is correct. The most important aspect when you’re tall is to avoid jackets and trousers that are short as it accentuates that you can’t purchase garments that fit correctly due to your size. Tall men need to avoid any style choices that elongate their torsos.

Slim guys
tall-guys-suits Slim guys should stick to slim suiting; however, skinny trousers may not work to your advantage. Skinny trousers will make you seem slimmer than you already are. You want your suit to add some depth to your frame. A well-tailored jacket provides shape through the body without being tight or giving the wearer a skinny silhouette. To create the illusion of a wider framed shoulder line, opt for a jacket with wider lapels.

Short gents
shortmansuit Shorter gents face more of a challenge: you want your suiting to add height to your frame. With the right fabric and design selections you can become a master of optical illusion. Jacket length proportions are just as important as they are with tall guys. Trousers with only a small break are critical. Also, stick to dark colours. They’re known for their slimming effects, but they can add height when worn from head to toe.

Stocky gents
stocky-suit Stocky guys have wider frames so slim fits are not always the most flattering. Classic fit or tapered fit trousers will flatter you and work best within your shape. Two-button jackets can help slim your torso, just be sure to avoid statement patterns like large eccentric windowpanes. Choose vertical designs like pinstripes instead. When people look at you, their eyes will align vertically instead of horizontally.